PHT Interactive Analysis User Manual - (V9.0)

2)Learning Chapters
 2.1)Basic Descriptionof the PHT Data Reduction using PIA
 2.2)Processing Data with PIA - A Guided Tour
3)The Graphical Interface Windows
 3.1)The PIA Top Window
 3.2)The Data Selection Windows
 3.2.1)The PIA Files Control Window
 3.2.2)The PIA Buffers Control Window
 3.2.2)The PIA File View Window
 3.2.2)The PIA Measurement Selection Window
 3.3)The Data Processing Windows
 3.3.1)The PIA ERD Data Display Window
 3.3.2)The PIA SRD Data Display Window
 3.3.3)The PIA SCP Data Display Window
 3.3.4)The PIA SPD Data Display Window
 3.3.5)The PIA AAP Data Display Window
 3.3.6)The PIA Signal Drifts' Modelling I/F
 3.3.7)The PIA Background Subtraction Window
 3.3.8)The PIA dynamic calibration and the dynamic response methods (for PHT-S staring measurements)
 3.3.9)The PIA dynamic calibration method (for PHT-S chopped measurements)
 3.3.10) Pointing correction for PHT-S
 3.4)The Plot and Print Windows
 3.4.1)The PIA Xplot Window
 3.4.2)The PIA Printer Definition Window
 3.4.3)The PIA XSurface Window
 3.4.4)The Show Structures - Plot Curves Menu
 3.5)The PIA Astrophysical Applications
 3.5.1)Applications using several measuremetns as input
 3.5.2)The PIA Spectrum Multi-Fit Facility
 3.6)The PIA Mapping Software
 3.6.1)Data Description
 3.6.2)The PIA main Mapping Window and associated GUIs
 3.6.3)The PIA Map Display Window and associated GUIs
 3.6.4)IRAF's Drizzling I/F<
 3.6.5)Flux extraction from (mini-) maps
 3.6.6)The 3D case - mapping with ISOPHOT-S
 3.7)The PIA Mapping Simulation System
 3.7.1)The PIA Map Simulation Window
 3.7.2)Sky Simulation
 3.7.3)Data Simulation
 3.7.4)Instrumental Effects
4)The automatic modes: AOT/Batch Processing
5)The Processing Algorithms
6)Advanced PIA use - working interactively on IDL with PIA structures and programmes
A:Data Structures and Files
B:Internal PIA Buffer Structures
C:Connection between AOTs, OSNs, files and measurements
D:Installing and configuring the PIA system
E:Naming conventions
F:PIA Trouble shooting

Manual Version

Date              Authors                  Description 
27-Jun-2000              Carlos GABRIEL (ESA/VILSPA-SAI)                   PIA V9.0