PHT Interactive Analysis User Manual - (V9.0)

4.) The automatic processing modes: AOT/Batch Processing

PIA also offers the possibility of processing data in automatic or semi-automatic mode. This allows for an easy and fast obtainment of reduced data, including the possibility of choosing among several alternative reduction modes. Start and end of the automatic processing are user-defined, and intermediate products can also be fully interactively accessed after the processing sequence is finished.

Note that the buffers are by default not deleted during the sequence. To enable the processing of a large number of ERD files, an option exists to delete every individual ERD buffer after having processed its contents to the SRD level.

Under Sequences in the top PIA window, a button for AOT/Batch processing offers various alternatives:

Figure 2 shows the sequences selection menu. It is divided into several sections:

FIGURE 2: The batch processing main widget

FIGURE 3: The batch corrections menu

The several choices which can be performed do not avoid certain automatic decisions taken by this mode, which make out of it an "intelligent" pipeline, capable of handling with all types of observations at the same run. The recognition of the AOT mode for proper handling of the absolute photometry observations (in all their possible variations) or of the sparse mapping observations are examples (as mentioned at the beginning of the section).  The peculiarities of the "ramps pattern" data reduction of chopped observations are also taken into account. A choice of having the signal linearization performed on the SCP level (which should be the default) will not be followed by "ramps pattern" reduced chopped observations (if this option is taken). Signal linearization and consequently previous reset interval correction and dark current subtraction will be performed on the SRD level in this case.


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