Exploiting the ISO Data Archive: Infrared Astronomy in the Internet Age

(Jun 24-27, 2002, SigŁenza, Spain)
View of Sigüenza. Courtesy of Raul Santos (Painting) & Antonio Lopez Negrero (Photography)

Scientific Organising Committee

J. Cernicharo (CSIC), C. Cesarsky (ESO), F. Genova (CDS), T. de Graauw (SRON), C. Gry (ESA, chair), H. Habing (Sterrewacht Leiden), G. Helou (IPAC), M.F. Kessler (ESA), D. Lemke (MPIA), T. Lim (RAL), L. Metcalfe (ESA), A. Salama (ESA), I. Yamamura (ISAS).

Local Organising Committee

R. Alvarez, P. Garcia Lario (chair), C. Gry, S. Martin, J. Matagne, L. Metcalfe, T. Müller, S. Peschke, A. Salama, B. Schulz, A. Willis.

The aim of the symposium is to promote the scientific exploitation of the ISO Data Archive.

It will in particular:

  • Offer the opportunity to present new results obtained with ISO. The new view on the cold universe offered by ISO will be discussed by several review talks as well as selected contributed talks and posters. Special emphasis will be given to the generation of catalogs, to projects involving large data sets and/or systematic data reduction, or any project making use of the data with a different purpose than that planned in the original proposal.

  • Be a platform to expose new ideas for such projects and to establish new collaborations by allowing ample time for discussions.

  • Encourage new projects by providing overviews of the scientific content of the archive, giving rise to useful inventories.

  • Advertise the relevance of the ISO Data Archive for the use of future infrared science facilities (SIRTF, ASTRO-F, SOFIA, Herschel...) and solicit suggestions to make the archive more useful for those missions.

  • Facilitate the use of the archive by offering information on the different tools available to work with ISO data and by addressing the relationship of the archive to other data bases and virtual observatories.