Exploiting the ISO Data Archive: Infrared Astronomy in the Internet Age

(Jun 24-27, 2002, SigŁenza, Spain)

Presentation & Computing/Communication facilities

Last update: 18 June 2002

Presentation facilities

There will be two viewgraph projectors available at the Meeting Room during the conference as well as a slide and a video projector. For electronic presentations (Power Point) you can either bring your own portable PC or use the conference PC we will provide, which can read either floppy disks or CD-Roms.


Posters will be displayed in the back side of the meeting room. The maximum size allowed is A0 (1188mm height x 840mm width)

Computing/communication facilities

A number of portable PCs (about 5) with permanent internet connection (2Mb/sec via satellite link) will be available for sending and reading e-mail as well as for technical demonstrations during the conference. Fax and phone facilities will also be available. External parties wishing to contact conference participants by phone or fax can do so via the Parador reception desk:
Phone: (34) 949 390 100   
Fax:   (34) 949 391 364