Exploiting the ISO Data Archive: Infrared Astronomy in the Internet Age

(Jun 24-27, 2002, SigŁenza, Spain)


(as of June 21th, 2002)

Session I: The ISO Data Archive - Content & Context
  J. Matagne The Infrared Space Observatory users community
  G. Pilbratt The Herschel mission - Overview and relevance of archives
  I. Yamamura Yet another infrared archive -
    Release of the Infrared Telescope in Space (IRTS) Archive Data
Session III: Astrochemistry and Solid-State Physics
  D. Clément On the infrared band profiles of SiC nanoparticles -
    comparison with ISO-SWS spectra
  I. Llamas Jansa Laboratory in-situ infrared spectroscopy of carbon nanoparticles
Session IV: Stars and Circumstellar Matter
  P. Ábrahám Circumstellar dust around main-sequence stars: what can we learn from
    the ISOPHOT archive?
  J. Chiar Circumstellar carbonaceous material associated with late-type
    dusty WC Wolf-Rayet stars
  O. Krause Follow-Up studies of very young intermediate and high mass star forming
    regions detected by the ISOPHOT Serendipity Survey
  D. Lorenzetti The complete far infrared spectroscopic survey of Herbig AeBe
    stars obtained by ISO-LWS
  T. Posch Features of oxide dust particles in circumstellar shells of AGB stars
  A. Ramdani Low mass loss in late type stars
  R. Szczerba ISO spectra of proto-planetary nebulae and [WR] planetary nebulae
  I. Yamamura The extended atmosphere and evolution of the RV Tau star, R Scuti
Session VI: Interstellar Matter
  J.P. Baluteau Diffuse gas in the Galaxy - I: The Galactic plane
  J. Goicoechea LWS Fabry-Perot spectrum of Sgr B2
  Y. Okada ISO spectroscopy of Sharpless 171
  P. Persi An infrared study of the Chameleon II and III
  C. Vastel [CII] 157.7 µm line in absorption towards the galactic centre:
    connection with bright IR galaxies
Session VII: Galaxies
  C. Bot Multi-wavelengths analysis of dust emission from the Small Magellanic Cloud
  A. Contursi Investigating the [CII]-PAHs relation with a large ( ~150) sample
    of local galaxies
  M. Haas What powers the PAH emission in galaxies?
  O. Krause ISOPHOT's Serendipity Survey discovers an unusually cold ultraluminous
    infrared galaxy
  M. Stickel The complex far-infrared morphology of M86
  P. Temi Infrared emission from elliptical galaxies: The case of NGC4649,
    NGC4472, and NGC4636
  P. Vaisanen A flux calibration of ISOCAM ELAIS catalogues and infrared colours of
    star-forming galaxies in ELAIS fields
  A. Verma ISO Photometry of hyperluminous infrared galaxies:
    Implications for the origin of their extreme luminosities
Session VIII: Cosmology and Deep Surveys
  P. Héraudeau The European Large Area ISO Survey: 90 µm number counts
Session IX: New Developments in Data Reduction
  R. Blomme The memory effect of the ISOPHOT-C100 detector
  A. Coulais Accurate physical model for direct modeling of point source transients
    for ISOCAM LW detector
  C. del Burgo Improved calibration strategy for faint objects
  B. Fouks Frequently Asked Questions about the transient correction of ISOCAM data
    Perspectives for SIRTF and ASTRO-F
  C. Lari The LARI method for ISOCAM and ISOPHOT data reduction and analysis
  A. Moor A full scale photometric investigation of the ISOPHOT minimap mode
  P. Richards Development of the ISOPHOT pipeline during the Active Archive Phase
  B. Schulz P32Tools: Reduction of ISOPHOT P32 oversampled maps
  R. Tuffs Photometric mapping with ISOPHOT using the ``P32'' Astronomical
    Observation Template