Exploiting the ISO Data Archive: Infrared Astronomy in the Internet Age

(Jun 24-27, 2002, SigŁenza, Spain)

              Infrared Astronomy in the Internet Age 
                   Parador de SigŁenza (Spain)  
                       June 24-27, 2002              

The international Symposium: "Exploiting the ISO Data Archive. 
Infrared Astronomy in the Internet Age", will be held at the 
Parador de SigŁenza (Spain) from June 24 to June 27, 2002.

Herewith we invite you to register if you have not already done 
so by filling out the form available at the symposium web site. 

Participants are  encouraged  to submit an abstract of their
presentation(s) by using the LaTeX template provided in the above 
mentioned web page. Note that you have the possibility to specify 
whether you prefer to present your contribution as a talk or as 
a poster.
          The deadline for abstract submission is set to: 
                        APRIL 15th, 2002.


The purpose of the symposium is to encourage astronomers to benefit 
from the vast scientific potential still locked in the ISO Data Archive.


The preliminary agenda consists of seven half-day sessions, each one 
being organised around one of the following topics:

- The ISO Data Archive - content & context 
- Astrochemistry and solid-state physics
- Solar system
- Stars and circumstellar environment
- Interstellar matter
- Galaxies
- Cosmology

Each session will include invited review talks as well as contributed
talks and there will be ample room for posters.
Technical demonstrations of particular data analysis techniques will
be offered to interested people, outside the sessions.
It is foreseen that ample time will be available for discussions 
throughout the meeting.

The first session will give an overview of the content of the archive,
and publicize novel facilities provided to users. It will also present 
the archive in the context of Virtual Observatories and future infrared 
science projects.

Each of the scientific sessions will include one or two review talks
addressing what is available in the archive for this particular topic,
what important scientific issues remain to be tackled, and what kind 
of projects could be undertaken with the data.
Another type of review talk foreseen will describe projects that 
address large samples of objects, or attempt a synthesis across the 

To respect the spirit of the symposium, priority will be given to those 
talks that highlight the potential of the archive and can inspire new 
projects exploiting ISO data. The same priority will be reflected in 
the selection of the contributed talks for oral presentation.


The symposium will start on Monday morning, June 24th and is expected
to end on Thursday afternoon, June 27th.
Registration will start on Sunday afternoon June 23rd and a welcome 
cocktail will be offered in the XVIth Century  Renaissance-style
'patio' of the local Town Hall on Sunday evening. Details about this 
and other social events can be found on the Symposium web page.

The deadline for sending your hotel reservation form is May 20th, 
however we recommend that you send it as soon as possible since the 
accommodation in SigŁenza is limited.

There will be a registration fee of 150 Euros which covers the four 
lunches at the Parador, the abstract and proceedings books as well as 
the participation to all social events except the conference dinner. 

We expect to be able to raise funds to provide a (limited) number of
grants. Participants who need support are invited to contact the 
organisers at: isoconf@iso.vilspa.esa.es

(Full information on http://general-tools.cosmos.esa.int/iso/meetings/siguenza/ )