Exploiting the ISO Data Archive: Infrared Astronomy in the Internet Age

(Jun 24-27, 2002, SigŁenza, Spain)

Social Events

Last update: 16 May 2002

A welcome cocktail ('Vino español') will be offered in the XVIth Century Renaissance-style 'patio' of the local 'Ayuntamiento' (Town Hall) on Sunday evening June 23rd at 20:00 h. This day is a local festivity in Sigüenza (San Juan). Streets will be decorated with arches made of flowers and live folkloric music and dances will be played at the arcaded Plaza Mayor while free hot chocolate is offered to everyone wishing to try.

On Tuesday evening June 25th we will have the Conference Dinner at the local restaurant "Taberna Seguntina". Tickets for the Conference Dinner will be on sale upon registration at the conference desk at the price of 30 Euros/person.

On Wednesday afternoon June 26th we have scheduled a guided visit to the XIIth Century Cathedral of Sigüenza, followed by a bus round-trip visiting the Rio Dulce Canyon and the nearby Atienza, another historical village in the surroundings, where we will have the opportunity to visit the historical city as well as two small Romanesque churches (San Gil and San Bartolomé) containing an important collection of medieval, renaissance and barroque paintings and sculptures, as well as an interesting collection of fossils collected in the area complemented with others found in other places all around the world, and a small archeological section.