The first ISO workshop on analytical spectroscopy with SWS, LWS, PHT-S and CAM-CVF

(Oct 6-8, 1997, Madrid, Spain)

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MONDAY 6 October 1997
8.45 - 9.45 Registration and coffee
Session 1: Ices (Chair: A. Heras)
09.45V. ClarosWelcome word
09.50 M. KesslerIntroductory remarks
09.55 P. Ehrenfreund Ices in star forming regions: highlights from ISO, laboratory and theory (Invited)
10.25 L. d'Hendecourt Interstellar ices: the confrontation of the laboratory approach with ISO spectroscopic results
11.45 G. Strazzulla Comparison between astronomical and laboratory spectra of ices
11.05 coffee
Session 2: Ices and Molecules (Chair: Th. de Graauw)
 (Launch and Early Orbit Phase)
11.35 A. SalamaTopics in SWS data analysis and calibrations (Invited)
12.05 J. CernicharoPhysical conditions in Interstellar and Circumstellar clouds from the modelling of ISO data (Invited)
12.35 C. WrightGas-phase molecular spectroscopy of young stellar objects
12.55 C. CeccarelliMolecular line emission toward the protostar IRAS16293-2422
13.10 lunch
Session 3: Molecular clouds and PDRs (Chair: L. Metcalfe)
 (Spacecraft Commisioning Phase)
14.40 M. Burgdorf Topics in LWS data analysis and calibrations (Invited)
15.10 F. Boulanger Mapping of H2 lines from Molecular Clouds with ISOCAM
15.30 M. Giard Pumping of interstellar molecules by near infrared PAH photons
15.50 E. Gonzalez-Alfonso Modelling the infrared water emission from circumstellar envelopes and molecular clouds
16.10 coffee
Session 4: Molecular clouds and PNe (Chair: C. Cry)
 (Performance Verification Phase)
16.40 A. BivianoTopics in ISOCAM spectroscopy calibration (Invited)
17.00 F. BertoldiISO: a novel look at the photodissociated surfaces of molecular clouds (Invited)
17.30 D. BeintemaThe SWS line spectrum of the planetary line nebula NGC 6302
17.50 P. CoxMapping of the H2 rotational lines in the Helix nebula
18.10 End of first day
18.30 Conference reception
TUESDAY 7 October 1997
Session 5: PNe and HII regions (Chair: M. Barlow)
 (Routine Phase part 1)
9.30 X. Liu Ionized zones and PDRs of Planetary Nebulae (Invited)
10.00 P. Persi ISOCAM-CVF Spectral images of selected Proto-Planetary and Planetary Nebulae
10.20 J.P. Baluteau New ISO/LWS results on the Magellanic Clouds HII regions
10.40 J.M. van der Hulst ISO SWS Spectroscopy of HII regions in the Magellanic Clouds
11.00 coffee
Session 6: Solar System (Chair: K. Leech)
 (Routine Phase part 2)
11.30 U. Klaas Topics in ISO-PHT spectroscopy calibration (Invited)
11.50 P. Abraham PHT-S measurements of the Zodiacal Light
12.10 Th. Encrenaz The Giant Planets as seen by ISO (Invited)
12.40 H. FeuchtgruberDeuterium and oxygen in Giant Planets
13.00 J. Crovisier The infrared spectrum of comet Hale-Bopp
13.20 lunch
Session 7: Extragalactic (Chair: U. Klaas)
 (Extended Lifetime)
15.00 D. Lutz ISO spectroscopy of luminous galaxies (Invited)
15.30 J. Fischer Implications of the ISO-LWS spectrum of the Prototypical Ultraluminous galaxy Arp 220
15.50 M. Thornley Constraints on Star Forming Regions and Starburst Galaxies from SWS Spectroscopy
16.10 S. Lord FIR spectroscopy of normal galaxies
16.30 coffee
Session 8: Hot stars and novae (Chair: P. Morris)
 (Eclipse Season)
17.00 F. Najarro Quantative spectroscopy of Hot stars with ISO (Invited)
17.30 R. Gehrz PHOT and SWS spectra of classical novae in outburst
17.50 A. Evans ISO and other observations of Sakurai's object
18.10 R. Tuffs ISOPHOT spectrophotometry of dust in SNRs
18.30 End of second day
WEDNESDAY 8 October 1997
Session 9: Model atmospheres and calibration (Chair: T. Lim)
 (Helium Boil-off)
9.30 C. Waelkens Flux calibration of SWS and stellar atmosphere models (Invited)
10.00 R. Kurucz Progress on model atmospheres and line data (Invited)
10.30 M. Cohen New tests of the common calibration context for ISO, IRTS and MSX
10.50 M. Freund A new network of faint calibration stars from the NIRS/IRTS
11.10 coffee
Session 10: Stars (Chair: N. Trams)
 (Post Operational Phase)
11.40 J. HronDust and molecular features in the SWS spectra of C-rich AGB stars: models and observations
12.00 T. Tsuji Confrontation of the ISO spectra with model atmospheres of M-type stars: dwarfs, giants and supergiants
12.20 T. Onaka Time variation of SWS spectra of Oxygen rich Mira variables
12.40 R. Siebenmorgen Discovery of a halo around Herbig Ae/Be stars
13.00 P. van Hoof Cloudy: Numerical Simulations of infrared emitting regions
13.20 lunch
Session 11: Workshop summary (Chair: M. Kessler)
 (Legacy Archive)
15.00 M. Harwit Review of the Workshop and general discussion (Invited)
16.00 End of Workshop


B. Aringer et al. Variations of molecular features in mass-losing AGB stars and dynamical model atmospheres
M.A. Barucci et al. First results on asteroids
J. Cami Detection of CO2 emission in ABG stars with the 13 micron dust feature
E. Caux & C. Gry ISO LWS Spectroscopy of the Diffuse Interstellar Medium
J. Crovisier Constants for Gas-Phase Molecules of Interest for ISO: a Bibliographical Compilation
L. Decin et al. Comparison between ISO-SWS observations and synthetic spectra of K and M giants - $\alpha$ Boo and $\beta$ Peg
M. Dennefeld P40 spectra of galaxies and diagnostics of AGN
Th. Encrenaz et al. A Study of the Jovian Atmospheric Structure using SWS and CAM-CVF
Th. de Graauw et al. Observations of Mars with ISO-SWS
J. Guertler U Men: PHT spectroscopy and imaging of the circumstellar dust shell
A. Heras A comparison between SWS grating and Fabry-Perot line fluxes
P. van Hoof and D. Verner A comprehensive IR line list for atomic transitions on the WWW
J. Keene LWS 04 Observations of OI toward Sgr B2
F. Lahuis & E.F. van Dishoeck Spectroscopy of gas-phase C2H2 and HCN - Data-reduction and modeling
F. Lahuis & E. Wieprecht ISO SWS Data Analysis
K. Leech et al. LWS observations of a Statistical Sample of Late-Type Galaxies from the VIRGO Cluster
D. Levine SWS spectra of a mid-IR ring in the Galactic Center
T. Lim & B. M. Swinyard Memory Effects and the LWS RSRF
M.L. Luhman et al. PDR Modeling of the LWS Fine-Structure Lines in Ultraluminous Galaxies
J. Martin Pintado On the heating of the Galactic Center molecular gas
C. Muller & D. Moreau Characteristic spectral aspects of a Martian duststorm
A. Noriega Crespo & Peter Garnavich Multiwavelength Analysis of the Cepheus E Embedded Outflow
T. Onaka et al. ISO Spectroscopic Observations of the Carina Region
A. Salama et al. ISO observations of the classical nova V705 Cas
R. Sahai The near to far-infrared spectrum of Very Low Excitation Planetary Nebulae
S. Satyapal et al. Photoionization Modeling of the LWS Fine Structure Lines in IR Bright Galaxies
R. Stencel SWS spectra of Vegadisk stars
E. Tommasi and S. Pezzuto ISO-LWS spectrophotometry of Young Stellar Objects
N. Trams et al. ISO Spectrophotometry of AGB stars in the Magellanic Clouds
W.-F. Thi et al. Weak H2 emission from diffuse and translucent clouds
S. Unger et al. SWS and LWS Observations of Cassiopeia A
L. Verstraete Variation the PAH bands in various environments, relation to the gas phase state
H. Walker and I. Heinrichsen ISOPHOT-S Observations of Evolved Stars
R. Wehrse ISOPHOT S Spectra and the Temperature Distributions in M Dwarfs
C. Wright et al. SWS Spectroscopy of DR 21
I. Yamamura et al. SWS Observation of a Silicate Carbon Star V778 Cyg

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