ISO Legacy Colloquium

(Dec 13, 2006, ESAC, Madrid, Spain)

An ISO Legacy Colloquium will be held at ESAC on 13 December 2006, on the occasion of the end of the Active Archive Phase, marking the end of the ISO mission.

Launched in 1995 and operated until 1998, ISO was the first truly infrared observatory in space. It performed 30,000 scientific observations on more than 6,000 astronomical targets and sky fields, in the wavelength range of 2 to 200 microns. ISO has been a true technological and scientific success. The ISO Data Archive continues to be a treasure trove for astronomical research, with almost 1400 articles having appeared in the refereed literature to date, based on ISO data. In its last phase, the ISO Data Archive has been enhanced in contents and functionality, with one third of it being populated with highly processed data products, including catalogues and atlases. ISO has also been integrated in the new world of the Virtual Observatory, pioneering in most cases this process for space missions.

The ISO Colloquium will look back at the achievements brought by this mission, with retrospective talks given by the Project and the instrument PI's, followed by a series of science highlights talks, addressing some of the many scientific issues explored by ISO, ranging from comets to cosmology.


Start timeItemSpeaker Duration
 The ISO mission
9:30 Welcome address Alvaro Gimenez 0:05
9:35 ISO Retrospectives Martin Kessler 0:15
9:50 ISO Project Hans Steinz 0:15
10:05 ISOCAM Catherine Cesarsky 0:20
10:25 ISOPHOT Dietrich Lemke 0:20
10:45 Coffee   0:30
11:15 ISO-LWS Howard Smith 0:20
11:35 ISO-SWS Thijs de Graauw 0:20
 ISO science highlights
11:55 Crystalline silicates Ciska Markwick-Kemper0:10
12:05 Water Jose Cernicharo 0:10
12:15 Cosmological Surveys Alberto Franceschini0:10
12:25 Lunch   1:40
14:05 Solar System Thierry Fouchet 0:15
14:20 Interstellar medium Alain Abergel 0:15
14:35 Star formation Brunella Nisini 0:15
14:50 Late stages of stellar evolutionJoris Blommaert 0:15
15:05 Coffee   0:25
15:30 Extragalactic: normal galaxies Richard Tuffs 0:15
15:45 Extragalactic: active galaxies Aprajita Verma 0:15
16:00 ISOPHOT Serendipitous Survey Ulrich Klaas 0:15
16:15 Closing remarks (highlights of Active Archive Phase) Alberto Salama 0:15
16:30 End of meeting 


To register to the meeting, please send an e-mail to Ana Willis (Ana.Willis at Please note that registrations will be accepted until completion of the available meeting room capacity.


A block booking reservation has been made at an hotel in El Escorial, close to ESAC, for the night of 12 to 13 December. A bus transportation from the hotel to ESAC is envisaged. The Accommodation Form is available here.

The meeting will be held in building OPS-2, room B3/B4.

The presentations will be posted on this web site after the meeting.

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