Additional PHT Documents

Last update: 22 March 2005

I. Data Analysis

  • Map coadding and simulation techniques with the ISOPHOT Interactive Analysis (PIA) (07/Sep/2000)
  • Processing steps and signal analysis of ISOPHOT polarisation observations at 170 micron (24/May/2000)
  • Processing of ISOPHOT chopped photometry at 25 micron (24/May/2000)
  • Data reduction and analysis of SSO observations (02/Jul/1999)
  • The ISOPHOT Error Budgets: Derive_SPD Processing Steps (21/Apr/1999)
  • A Software Package for Automatic Reduction of ISOPHOT Calibration Data (14/Apr/1999)
  • Calibration of ISOPHOT-S Chopped Measurements. (09/Mar/1999)

    a) Quality

    II. Calibration

    a) Wavelength Calibration

    b) Flux Calibration

    c) Other documents

    Operational and Historical Documents

    The documents in this section may contain information that is not accurate at the current time. The documents are included here either because they still contain some accurate information or for historical reasons in understanding the evolution of the mission.