The Calibration Legacy of the ISO Mission

(Feb 5-9, 2001, ESAC, Madrid, Spain)

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                         5-9 February 2001
                          ISO Data Centre
                      Villafranca del Castillo
                           Madrid, Spain



                    Fourth and final announcement

Dear Conference Participant,

Please find attached the final details concerning the programme and 
organisation of the Conference :

              "The Calibration Legacy of the ISO Mission".

Content of this message 

    1. Programme and abstracts
    2. Venue 
    3. Registration
    4. Infrastructural support (projectors, email, fax/phone, powerpoint etc ...)
    5. Transportation during the conference
    6. A note about hotel accommodation
    7. Social events
    8. Proceedings
    9. Questionnaire

1. Programme and abstracts
The final programme, with links to the abstracts, can be found at :

2. Venue 
The conference will take place in meeting room B3/4 in the OPS-2
building of ESA's Villafranca Satellite Tracking Station (VilSpa), near
Madrid, Spain. All activities related to the conference will take place
on the Station site, including lunches. Lunches will be available for a
flat rate of 1200 pesetas (7.5 Euros) per day.

Posters will be displayed in the vicinity of the meeting room.  [The
maximum size allowed will be A0 (1.2m height X 0.9 m width).]

3. Registration
The registration will be done at the conference venue on Monday,
February 5, between 10:00 and 14:30. Participants will be given a
hand-out with logistical information, the final Programme, a copy of
the conference poster and the Abstracts book.

No registration fee will be charged.

4. Infrastructural support (projectors, email, fax/phone, powerpoint etc ...)

There will be two viewgraph projectors for the talks. A slide projector
will be available.  Electronic presentations (powerpoint) will be
supported via PC projector. Participants wishing to upload electronic
presentations can ftp them to :   logging in as user: isocal
                                             pass: legacy_2001

A number of workstations (about 5) will be available for sending and
reading email.  Fax and phone facilities will be available.  External
parties wishing to contact conference participants by phone or fax can
do so via the  ISO secretary's office :  Phone (34) 91 8131 254   
                                         Fax   (34)-91-8131-322

5. Transportation during the conference

We have arranged a bus shuttle service between San Lorenzo de El
Escorial (where the hotels are located) and VilSpa. Please check our
webpage for the bus location in San Lorenzo and its itinerary :==>

The duration of the journey between El Escorial and VILSPA is about 35 min.

6. A note about hotel accommodation

We would like to remind all participants that, as stated in the Third
Announcement and on the conference web pages, the release date for our
block booking of hotel rooms in San Lorenzo is today, January 10. 
Therefore, if you still hope to secure accommodation through us you
must urgently follow the instructions at :

... AS SOON AS you receive this notice. Otherwise you may have great
difficulty in securing accommodation for the conference.

7. Social events

Some social events have been arranged: A welcome cocktail on Monday
evening and, on Wednesday evening, the conference dinner in Madrid,
followed by a Flamenco show. You can sign-up during the meeting for the
dinner and show.

The price (incl. dinner and the flamenco show) will be around 6500 ptas
(40 Euros).

8. Proceedings
The Proceedings will be published in the ESA Special Publications
series within about six months of the meeting. In order to meet this
schedule, the deadline for receipt of the camera-ready manuscripts is
set to 01 April 2001. A LaTeX template for the papers will be made
available through the conference WWW site prior to the meeting. The
maximum length of a contribution is set to 6 pages for invited talks
and 4 pages for contributed talks and posters. A copy of the
Proceedings will be sent to each participant.

9. Questionnaire

In order to ensure the best planning of the conference, we ask you to
fill in the attached short form, and to send it as soon as possible, to

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

  The Calibration Legacy of the ISO Mission Conference - Questionnaire

  Please send your completed form 
  to  BEFORE Friday 26th January ! 


  Arrival Date and Time   :

  Departure Date and Time :

  Transportation:    I will be hiring a car                  [ ]

                     I will use the conference bus           [ ]

                     I will use the conference bus to        [ ]
                     travel from San Lorenzo de EL Escorial
                     to VilSpa for registration on 
                     Monday 5 Feb.

   Lunches :         I would like to eat lunch at VilSpa     [ ]
                     on Monday Feb.5

                     I would like to eat lunch at VilSpa     [ ]
                     on Friday Feb.9
                     I require vegitarian meals              [ ]            

If giving a talk:    I will use only transparencies          [ ]
                     I will need a slide projector           [ ]
                     I will need a PC projector              [ ]

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