The Calibration Legacy of the ISO Mission

(Feb 5-9, 2001, ESAC, Madrid, Spain)


5-9 February 2001

ISO Data Centre
Villafranca del Castillo
Madrid, Spain

Final Programme

The duration of oral presentations includes five minutes for questions at the end of the talk.


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   Part 0   Introductions
14:30 14:35 Welcome address  
14:35 15:00 M.F. Kessler ISO - The calibration perspective
15:00 15:30 L. Metcalfe The ISOCAM calibration strategy
15:30 16:00 T. Lim The LWS calibration strategy
16:00 16:30 +++ COFFEE and POSTER HANGING +++
16:30 17:00 U. Klaas The ISOPHOT calibration strategy
17:00 17:30 E. Valentijn (P. Roelfsema) The SWS calibration strategy
17:30 18:00 A. Salama Spacecraft: telescope and AOCS (pointing)

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  Part 1   The Calibration of ISO
Session 1: Pre-launch instrument calibration/characterisation-how relevant and important is it?
09:00 09:30 M. Pérault Pre-flight calibration of ISOCAM
09:30 10:00 T. Lim Pre-flight calibration of ISO LWS
10:00 10:30 D. Lemke Pre-flight calibration of ISOPHOT
10:30 11:00 H. Feuchtgruber Pre-flight calibration of ISO SWS
11:00 11:30 +++ COFFEE and POSTER SESSION +++
11:30 11:50 J.L. Hora Calibration of the Infrared Array Camera (IRAC) for SIRTF
Session 2: In-flight and Post-flight Calibration
11:50 12:10 J. Blommaert Photometry with ISOCAM
12:10 12:30 B. Schulz ISOPHOT Point Source Photometry - Wrapping it up
12:30 12:50 P. Ábrahám Analysis of ISOPHOT Chopped Observations
12:50 13:10 J. Acosta-Pulido In-orbit calibration of the spectrophotometer ISOPHOT-S
13:10 13:30 Ph. Héraudeau Absolute surface brightness photometry with ISOPHOT
13:30 14:50 +++ LUNCH +++
14:50 15:10 T.L. Lim The LWS Relative Spectral Response Function
15:10 15:30 R. Shipman SWS in-flight calibration
15:30 15:50 P. Roelfsema The SWS calibration learning curve
15:50 16:10 P. Morris Topics in calibration of the SWS for calibration planning for the SIRTF Infrared Spectrograph
16:10 16:35 +++ COFFEE and POSTER SESSION +++
16:35 16:55 T. Onaka Flight calibration of the Mid-infrared Spectrometer (MIRS) on board the IRTS
16:55 17:15 P. Gallais ISOCAM Daily Calibration: Use and Impacts
  Part 2   Establishment of reference source databases
Session 3: Calibration sources and calibration source databases
17:15 17:40 P. Hammersley Development of stellar photometric standards for ISO
17:40 18:05 M. Cohen Stellar calibration in the infrared: extending the legacy of the KAO, ISO, and MSX to SIRTF and beyond
18:05 18:30 L. Decin Stellar models in IR calibration

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Session 3: Calibration sources and calibration source databases (Contd.)
09:00 09:25 G. Orton (M. Burgdorf) Planetary spectra as calibration references
09:25 09:45 S.D. Sidher Empirical aspects of the LWS photometric calibration
09:45 10:10 T. Müller Asteroids as Calibration Standards in the Thermal Infrared -- Applications and Results from ISO
10:10 10:30 T. Megeath Ground-based identification and characterization of IRAC celestial standards
10:30 11:00 +++ COFFEE and POSTER SESSION +++
Session 4: Cross-calibration
11:00 11:30 P. García-Lario ISO cross-calibration - internal and with other facilities
11:30 11:50 M. Burgdorf Matching the spectrometers on board ISO
11:50 12:10 M. Juvela Comparison of FIR ISOPHOT maps with DIRBE and IRAS in regions of faint cirrus emission
12:10 12:30 K. Lehtinen Comparison of FIR ISOPHOT maps of bright molecular clouds with IRAS and COBE/DIRBE
12:30 12:50 B. Stepnik Intercalibration of ISO (PHT & LWS) and PRONAOS SPM at 200 microns
12:50 13:10 T. Prusti Calibrating IRAS high resolution maps with ISO
   Part 3   Specific Challenges for IR Missions
Session 5: Effects of the space environment
13:10 13:35 P. Nieminen The in-orbit radiation environment and its effects on space-borne instrumentation
13:35 15:00 +++ LUNCH +++
15:00 15:20 A. Heras Summary of the SWS detector radiation effects
15:20 15:40 A. Claret Understanding and modeling glitch effects in ISOCAM
Session 6: Optical Design, Verification and Modeling
15:40 16:00 K. Okumura Optical properties of ISOCAM and/or the ISO telescope
16:00 16:30 +++ COFFEE and POSTER SESSION +++
16:30 16:50 D. Beintema Beam profile analysis of SWS
16:50 17:10 U. Herbstmeier Beam profiles of ISOPHOT detectors
17:10 17:30 D. Lemke Straylight in ISOPHOT?
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Session 7: Detector Behaviour and Physics
09:15 09:40 B. Fouks Physical approach to the problems of space low-background detectors
09:40 10:05 E. Young Properties of Germanium photoconductor detectors
10:05 10:25 A. Coulais What can be characterized for low Background IR Detectors from ground based experiments
10:25 10:45 D. Kester SWS transients effects: models and corrections
10:45 11:05 E. Caux Transient effects correction for LWS detectors
11:05 11:30 +++ COFFEE and POSTER SESSION +++
11:30 11:50 S. Leeks The in-orbit performance of the LWS detectors
11:50 12:10 K. Wilke In-orbit curing procedures for ISOPHOT Detectors
   Part 4   Ground Segment
Session 8a: Data processing
12:10 12:35 S. Ott The ISO data reduction lesson: Pipeline and Interactive Analysis are complementary systems
12:35 13:00 C. Gabriel Development and distribution of data reduction tools
13:00 13:20 R. Gastaud The ISOCAM Interactive Analysis System CIA: A review of seven years of development
13:20 13:40 P.J. Richards The ISOPHOT pipeline data processing
13:40 15:00 +++ LUNCH +++
15:00 15:20 E. Wieprecht The ISO SWS data analysis software systems
15:20 15:40 G. Hutchinson LWS Interactive Analysis Software
15:40 16:00 G. Rodighiero Total and ramp-dependent internal linearity calibration of PHOT_C data
16:00 16:30 +++ COFFEE and POSTER SESSION +++
16:30 16:50 A. Pollock The treatment of pointing data in the ISO pipeline
16:50 17:10 R. Huygen SWS CoCo: Lessons learned about distributed software configuration control
Session 8b: Scheduling calibration observations
17:10 17:35 J. Muñoz The ISO Calibration Uplink System (CUS)
17:35 17:55 B. Schulz The ISOPHOT Calibration Uplink System
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   Part 5   Lessons Learned for future missions and wrap-up
Session 9a: Lessons Learned for future missions
09:00 09:25 I. Yamamura ASTRO-F: Mission Overview and the Calibration Strategy
09:25 09:50 G. Pilbratt The ISO Calibration Legacy: Relevance to FIRST
09:50 10:15 D. Shupe Relevance of the ISO Calibration Experience to SIRTF
10:15 10:40 G. Sandell Relevance of the ISO experience to SOFIA
10:40 11:05 K. Long The NGST Calibration Challenge
11:05 11:25 +++ COFFEE and POSTER SESSION +++
Session 9b: Lessons Learned for future missions - FORUM
11:25 11:50 L. Metcalfe Conference summary - intended to provoke discussion
11:50 13:00 ALL The most important calibration lessons learned from ISO
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Poster Presentations

First author Abstract Title
Ali B. Correcting the ISOCAM field-of-view distortion
Brauher J. The ISOLWS-IRAS Cross-Calibration of Extragalactic Sources
Burgdorf M. Radiation Effects on LWS Detectors and Deglitching of LWS Data
Cabañero S. Extracting Point Sources from the LWS Serendipity Mode
Chan S. J. Comparison between IRAS and ISO-LWS
Coulais A. Transient Correction for ISOPHOT C-100 Detector
Coulais A. Current status of modelization of point source transient response for LW-ISOCAM
del Burgo C. A New Analysis of the Dark Current Behaviour of the ISOPHOT Detectors
Gry C. Wavelength calibration and instrumental profiles of the ISO-LWS grating
Héraudeau Ph. Systematic Comparison of ISOPHOT and DIRBE Surface Brightness Calibration
Hutchinson G. Wavelength Calibration of LWS Fabry-Perot Data
Kaneda H. Laboratory Measurements of Transient Behavior of Stressed Ge:Ga Detector
Kester D. SWS Fringes and Models
Kidger M. The Search for Faint Infrared Calibration Standards - Extending Landolt's Standards to V=19
Kraemer K. E. SWS Calibration Issues in Different Object Types
Lahuis F. SWS Signal Capture - From Flux to Signal -
Leeks S. The Correction for LWS Detector De-biasing of strong Source Data
Lim T. L. The Calibration of the LWS Parallel and Serendipity Modes
Lloyd C. The ISO LWS beam profile
Lloyd C. Fringing and spectrum fracturing in ISO LWS observations
Lloyd C. A simple approach to transient correction in ISO LWS data
Martín-Luis F. Calibration Requirements for CanariCam on the Spanish GTC
Martín-Luis F. Selection of a Sample of Suitable Potential Mid-Infrared Calibration Stars from the Hipparcos/Tycho Catalogue
Martín-Luis F. Spectropolarimetric calibration of CanariCam: Development of a network of calibration sources for polarimeters on large telescopes
Matsuura M. The Wavelength and Flux Calibrations of the Near-Infrared Spectrometer (NIRS) on board the Infrared Telescope in Space (IRTS)
Matsuura M. The Simulation Code for the Infrared whole Sky Survey with the Far Infrared Surveyor (FIS) on board the ASTRO-F
Miville-Deschênes M. A. Optimizing ISOCAM data processing using spatial redundancy
Polehampton E. Recovery and Calibration of Non-Prime Data in the LWS
Sandell G. Submillimeter Calibration - Experience from Ground Based Observations
Sidher S. D. Improvements to the LWS internal Illuminator data processing
Sloan G. C. Calibration Issues with Data from the ISO-SWS. II
Starck J.-L. PRETI: ISOCAM Faint Sources Detection
Vandenbussche B. The Relative Spectral Response Calibration of the ISO-SWS