The first ISO workshop on analytical spectroscopy with SWS, LWS, PHT-S and CAM-CVF

(Oct 6-8, 1997, Madrid, Spain)

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First results on asteroids

M.A. Barucci - J. Crovisier - A. Doressoundiram - E. Dotto - M. Fulchignoni

Observatoire de Paris, 5 Place J.Janssen, 92195 Meudon, Principal Cedex, France

The preliminary results on asteroids at low resolution spectroscopy obtained in the wavelenght range 2.5-12 microns will be presented. The Standard Thermal Model (Lebofsky and Spencer 1989, in Asteroids II, Univ. of Arizona Press) has been applied to the observations and the obtained spectra allowed us to determine the temperature and the albedo of the observed asteroids. The interpretation of some peculiar features of the obtained spectra will be discussed.

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