ISO beyond the Peaks

(2-4 February 2000, ESAC)

Please Post/Circulate: Second announcement of Workshop

                             ISO BEYOND THE PEAKS
                The 2nd ISO workshop on analytical spectroscopy 
			      2-4 February 2000
                               ISO Data Centre
                          Villafranca del Castillo
                                Madrid, Spain
                 |2nd Announcement and Call for abstracts|

Abstracts for contributed papers are solicited for the spectroscopy workshop 
which will be held at the Data Centre of the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) 
in Villafranca del Castillo near Madrid (Spain) from February 2 to 4, 2000. 
The deadline for abstract submission is 1 December, 1999.

This workshop is the second in a series initiated with the successful 
"First ISO Workshop on Analytical Spectroscopy", held in October 1997, in 
which 100 astronomers gathered in Villafranca to discuss ISO spectroscopic
observations and associated scientific interpretation, 2 years into the ongoing

This second workshop will take place when all ISO data are in the public domain.
One aim of the workshop is to review the current ISO spectroscopy heritage. 
This will not only encourage further scientific work on the ISO data themselves 
but will also benefit the preparation of future missions such as SIRTF, FIRST, 
SOFIA, NGST, ASTRO-F, etc. Another aim of the workshop is to assist in 
establishing the final goals for the ISO archive phase and in defining the end 

Topics may include, but are not limited to: planetary models; hot and cool 
stellar atmosphere and wind models, and grids of models; photoionisation, 
spectral synthesis; circumstellar and interstellar dust features; dust in 
planetary environments; the diffuse ISM; galaxies; optical depth effects and 
estimation; laboratory studies and line lists; ices and unidentified IR 
features; PDRs; molecular line modeling and data interpretation; and data 
reduction techniques for optimising scientific output from standard data 

ISO Data Centre,
Villafranca del Castillo Satellite Tracking Station
Apartado 50727, 28080 Madrid (Spain)

Scientific Organising Committee

P. Abraham (MPIA), J. Cernicharo (IEM), D. Cesarsky (MPE), P. Clegg (QMW), 
M. Cohen (Un. Berkeley), Th. Encrenaz (Obs. Paris), Th. de Graauw (SRON),
G. Helou (IPAC), L. d'Hendecourt (IAS),  M. Kessler (IDC) - co-chair, 
D. Lutz (MPE), P. Morris (Un. Amsterdam/IPAC), A. Salama (IDC) - chair, 
J. Stutzki (Un. Koeln), Ch. Waelkens (KUL)

Local Organising Committee

M. Breitfellner, M. Burgdorf, P. Garcia-Lario, C. Gry, M. F. Kessler 
(co-chair), K. Leech, J. Matagne, Th. Mueller, A. Salama (chair), B. Schulz, 
J. Villanueva, A. Willis 

Preliminary Programme

The programme will consist of about 20 invited talks plus some 30 contributed 
talks and posters. Ample time will be allocated for discussions and for viewing
posters. This announcement solicits abstracts for the contributed talks and
posters. The final programme will be given in the following announcements.

The workshop talks will concentrate on discussing scientific results coming
from the ISO spectroscopic observations, their relation to models and 
laboratory measurements. Posters are specifically solicited to illustrate the 
latest achievements in instrument calibration and data reduction techniques.
These will be discussed in one dedicated session, opened by one overview talk.

The invited talks foreseen are as follows:

Session 1: Solar System
  - Spectroscopy of Solar System Objects
  - Commonalities and parallels between circumstellar and interplanetary dust

Session 2: ISM			
  - Commonalities and parallels between circumstellar and ISM dust
  - Interstellar and circumstellar gas
  - Water: observations and models
  - Interstellar and protostellar ices

Session 3: Stars
  - Young Stellar Objects
  - Hot matter around AGB stars
  - Wolf-Rayet and Luminous Blue Variable Stars
  - Supernova remnants
  - HII regions

Session 4: Calibration and Data Analysis
  - Update on ISO instruments calibration and data analysis techniques

Session 5: Extragalactic			
  - Cross-instrument studies of galaxies:ULIRG/AGN, ISM/SF

Session 6: Models			
  - ISO impact on stellar models and viceversa
  - Radiative transfer
  - Modeling infrared line emission from ionised and photodissociated gas

Session 7: Laboratory
  - Mineralogy: silicate and carbonaceous grains -- laboratory measurements

Session 8: Future missions/instruments
  - Future missions/instruments (SOFIA,SIRTF,NGST,FIRST,PLANCK,ALMA,MAP,ASTRO-F)

Session 9: Round-table discussion

Calendar of events

Mid NOV 1999: Third announcement with definitive invited programme and speakers
              and more logistic information.

  1 DEC 1999: Deadline for submission of a one- page abstract
Mid DEC 1999: 4th announcement, with final programme, lists of posters and talks

2-4 FEB 2000: Workshop

Contributed papers and proceedings

Papers for presentation will be selected on the basis of abstracts of
approximately 300 words. The abstract should clearly outline the paper's
major elements of interest and its originality. Papers will be selected on
the basis of:

   * general interest
   * quality of the content
   * originality of the ideas presented.

Accepted abstracts will be included in an Abstracts Book, to be circulated at 
the conference.


The Proceedings will be published in the ESA Special Publications series
(SP-456) within about six months of the meeting. In order to meet this 
schedule, the deadline for the camera-ready manuscripts is set to 15 March 2000.
A LaTeX template for the papers will be posted on the workshop WWW site prior 
to the meeting. A copy of the Proceedings will be sent to each participant.

Hotel information and transportation

We made a block booking of 80 rooms in Hotel Florida Norte in Madrid.
This is a four star hotel with a nice view to the Royal Palace, in the
heart of the city of Madrid. The hotel is available for this workshop
at special discount rates (~25% off). We will take care of the booking 
details, once receiving the filled-in registration form, available at:

We will provide a free bus service between the hotel Florida Norte and 
VILSPA during the workshop. 

Alternative hotels in the vicinity of Hotel Florida Norte and in Madrid 
can be found in the ISO Data Centre Visitor Guide web page, but in that 
case you should contact the hotel directly:


There is a cafeteria at VILSPA where lunches may be obtained at participants' 
own expense at a moderate price.

Social Events

There will be a Welcome Cocktail for the participants on the evening of 
Wednesday 2 February.

A Conference Dinner is planned and further information will be provided 
on the Workshop Web pages.

Registration form and abstract

No registration fee is asked, please submit the registration form
and/or abstract in order to register for the workshop.

The abstract template is provided at:

Those who have not contacted us so far should fill out the following form
and send it to    by 1 December, 1999.


1)  Name:                          
    Mailing address:
2)  Are you interested in participating in the Workshop?

3)  Are you willing to give a presentation of your work during the 
workshop? Can you give a title?

4)  Additional remarks/wishes: