ISOPHOT Workshop on P32 Oversampled Mapping

(Feb 12-16 and Mar 12-16, 2001 ESAC, Madrid, Spain)
(Mar 26-30, 2001, IPAC, USA)

ISOPHOT Workshop on PHT32 Oversampled Mapping: 
Second Announcement

Organizing Committee:

C. Gabriel
R. Laureijs 
N. Lu
J. Matagne
S. Peschke
B. Schulz   (Chair) 
R. Tuffs

This is the second announcement of the "Workshop on processing
PHT32 oversampled maps". Due to the considerable interest
following our first announcement, and the limitation to a maximum
of 10 participants per session, there will be two workshops in 
VILSPA and one at IPAC.

The first two workshops (VILSPA 1 and VILSPA 2) will be held in
the ISO Data Centre in Villafranca del Castillo, Spain, in the
weeks of February 12-16, 2001 and March 12-16, 2001.

The workshop for the US community will be held at the Infrared
Data Processing Center in Pasadena, CA, USA, in the week of March
26-30, 2001

The workshop will consist of lectures and talks in the mornings 
and hands-on work tutored by experts in the afternoons. The last
day of each workshop will be dedicated to small presentations of
results achieved during the week.

However, already in the first days of each workshop we would 
welcome short presentations of scientific cases under analysis.
If you intend to do so, please submit an abstract to
"" before the applicable deadline given

below. During the workshops we can only keep a limited flexibility
of the schedule, to incorporate unforeseen presentations.

We intend to distribute the software to the participants by 17
January 2001. At present we are still busy with tests and

For the VILSPA Workshop Participants:

The first workshop in VILSPA will begin immediately after 
"The Calibration Legacy of the ISO Mission Conference" in order to
minimize travel expenses for persons who wish to attend both
meetings. Since we are organizing two workshops in VILSPA, we
need a statement by all VILSPA participants (including the
already registered ones) by December 15, 2000, which date they
prefer (see questionnaire below). We will inform all participants
soon after this deadline about their final schedule.

The sessions for each workshop start Monday morning at 10:00 am.
The workshops end in the afternoon of Friday. Throughout the week 
we will organize a dayly mini-van transportation to VILSPA and 
back to San Lorenzo de El Escorial, which is in a nice location
about 30 km away from VILSPA at the foot of the Sierra Guadarrama.
Hotel reservations should be made through Ana Willis
( before 17 January 2001.

Please visit also our WWW-page for more information:

For the IPAC Workshop Participants:

The deadline for registration is January 29, 2001. However early 
registration is highly recommended as we can only support a limited
number of participants.

More information for the IPAC workshop participants will be 
provided in a later announcement and at the ISO WWW-page at 

Dates and Deadlines

15 Dec 2000	final registration and submission of abstracts 
		deadline for VILSPA workshop

17 Jan 2001	deadline for hotel reservation for VILSPA 
		workshops and distribution of software to 

29 Jan 2001	final registration and submission of abstracts 
		deadline for IPAC workshop

12-16 Feb 2001	First workshop in VILSPA	(VILSPA 1)

12-16 Mar 2001  Second workshop in VILSPA	(VILSPA 2)

26-30 Mar 2001	Workshop in IPAC		(IPAC)

4 May 2001	deadline for contributed papers

If you are interested, please return the lower part of this email


ISOPHOT P32 Workshop on Oversampled Mapping
Please send back before 15 Dec 2000.

First Name:			Last Name:




I want to participate in the following workshop:

VILSPA 1 ( )     VILSPA 2 ( )      IPAC ( )

I already participate in the conference "The Calibration Legacy 
of the ISO Mission" and would like to attend the workshop 
				Yes (  )   No (  )

I want a hotel reservation.     Yes (  )   No (  )

If yes, please contact Ana Willis (

I would like to give a presentation with the following title: