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14.16 PHT-P Filter-to-Filter Corrections

Description Parameter:	Section 7.10.3
Processing Level:	SPD 
Usage in processing:	Section 7.10.3
File Type: 		FITS image
File names:		PPFTOF

This calibration table lists for a given PHT-P detector the relative filter corrections in order to obtain the same detector responsivity for each filter of that detector, see Section 7.10.3. The corrections are normalised to the largest value in the filter sample.

The product has:
TYPE = R*4

14.16.1 Product PPFTOF: PHT-P filter-to-filter correction

AXIS	Length	Description
1 	 14 	 Filters 
2 	 2 	 Correction and uncertainty

Filters 1 to 10 correspond to PHT-P1, filters 11 and 12 correspond to PHT-P2, and filters 13 and 14 correspond to PHT-P3.

ISO Handbook Volume IV (PHT), Version 2.0.1, SAI/1999-069/Dc