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Cécile Gry$^{1}$, Bruce Swinyard$^{2}$, Andrew Harwood$^{2}$, Norman Trams$^{3}$, Sarah Leeks$^{4}$, Tanya Lim$^{2}$, Sunil Sidher$^{2}$, Christopher Lloyd$^{2}$, Stefano Pezzuto$^{5}$, Sergio Molinari$^{5}$, Rosario Lorente$^{1}$, Emmanuel Caux$^{6}$, Edward Polehampton$^{7}$, Josephine Chan$^{2}$, Gerard Hutchinson$^{2}$, Thomas Müller$^{8}$, Martin Burgdorf$^{9}$, and Timothy Grundy$^{2}$

SAI-99-077/Dc, Version 2.1

June, 2003

$^{1}$ ISO Data Centre, Science Operations and Data Systems Division, Research and Scientific Support Department of ESA, Villafranca del Castillo, P.O. Box 50727, E-28080 Madrid, Spain
$^{2}$ Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot OX11 OQX Oxfordshire, UK
$^{3}$ Science Operations and Data Systems Division of ESA/ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1, Postbus 299, 2200 AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands
$^{4}$ Herschel Science Centre, Research and Scientific Support Department of ESA, ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1, Postbus 299, 2200 AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands
$^{5}$ IFSI-CNR, Via Fosso del Cavaliere 100, 00133 Roma , Italy
$^{6}$ CESR, BP4346, 31028 Toulouse Cedex 4, France
$^{7}$ Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Auf dem Hügel 69, 53121 Bonn, Germany
$^{8}$ Max-Planck-Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik, Giessenbachstrasse, 85748 Garching, Germany
$^{9}$ SIRTF Science Center, California Institute of Technology, 220-6, Pasadena, CA91125, USA

Document Information

Document:	 	The ISO Handbook

Volume: III
Title: LWS - The Long-Wavelength Spectrometer
Reference Number: SAI/99-077/Dc
Issue: Version 2.1
Issue Date: June 2003
Authors: C. Gry, B. Swinyard, A. Harwood et al.
Editors: T. Müller, J. Blommaert & P. García-Lario
Web-Editor: J. Matagne

Document History

The ISO Handbook, Volume III: LWS - The Long Wavelength Spectrometer, is based on the following documents:

and many articles and reports which are referenced in the corresponding sections and listed in the Bibliography.

Document Change Record

Date Revision Comments
31/12/99 Draft 1.0 Initial Draft for comments
11/02/00 Version 1.0 First Version of the ISO Handbook, Volume IV:
    LWS - The Long-Wavelength Spectrometer
    related to OLP 8.6 data products
November 2000 Version 1.1 update
June 2001 Version 1.2 update, related to OLP 10.0 data products
August 2002 Version 2.0 update, now Volume III
June 2003 Version 2.1 update, printed version


The following pages list the many people and teams who have contributed to the development, the operations, the science planning, the data-analysis and the calibration of the LWS.
The information contained in this handbook results from their work.

LWS Instrument Principal Investigator:

Peter Clegg (QMW London)

The LWS was conceived and built in the following institutes:

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), Didcot, UK
Queen Mary and Westfield College (QMW), London, UK
University College London (UCL), London, UK
Laboratoire d'Astronomie Spatiale (LAS), Marseille, F
Centre d'Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements (CESR), Toulouse, F
Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario (IFSI), Roma, I
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), USA.

LWS Instrument Consortium
Peter Ade QMW London
Jean-Paul Baluteau Obs. Marseille
Mike Barlow UCL London
Jean-Claude Berges LAS Marseille
Emmanuel Caux CESR Toulouse
Cecilia Ceccarelli IFSI Frascati
Ricardo Cerulli IFSI Frascati
Sarah Church UC Berkley
Peter Clegg QMW London
Francis Cotin CESR Toulouse
Pierre Cox Obs. Marseille
Paul Cruvellier LAS Marseille
Gary Davis U. Saskatchewan
Roger Emery RAL Didcot
Jackie Fischer NRL Washington
Ian Furniss UCL London
Bill Glencross UCL London
Matt Greenhouse NASM Washington
Matt Griffin QMW London
Cécile Gry LAS Marseille
Martine Joubert CNES Paris
Ken King RAL Didcot
Rene Liseau Obs. Stockholm
Dario Lorenzetti IFSI Frascati
David Naylor U. Lethbridge
Brunella Nisini IFSI Frascati
Alain Omont Obs. Grenoble
Renato Orfei IFSI Frascati
Daniel Péquinot Obs. Paris
Dominique Pouliquen LAS Marseille
N'Guyen Quang Rieu Obs. Paris
David Robinson QMW London
Michel Saisse LAS Marseille
Paolo Saraceno IFSI Frascati
Guy Serra CESR Toulouse
Howard Smith NASM Washington
Luigi Spinoglio IFSI Frascati
Bruce Swinyard RAL Didcot
Bill Towlson UCL London
Glenn White QMW London

The LWS Standing Committee for Science
Name Representing
Peter Clegg (PI, Chairman)
Roger Emery (UK)
Martine Joubert (France)
Paolo Saraceno (Italy)
Howard Smith (USA)

Specialist Astronomy Groups  
Group   Leader
Solar System (SS)   David Naylor/Gary Davis
The ISM (ISM)   Jean-Paul Baluteau
Pre-Main-Sequence Evolution (Pre-MS)   Paolo Saraceno
Post-Main-Sequence Evolution (Post-MS)   Mike Barlow
Extragalactic Studies (Xgal)   Howard Smith

LWS Consultants    
SAG Consultant Affiliation Programme
SS Simon Calcutt U. Oxford  
  Daniel Gautier Obs. Paris  
  Glenn Orton JPL Pasadena  
ISM Per Annestad U. Arizona IB. Study of ionised regions
  Joseph Cassinelli U. Wisconsin IV. Abundance gradients
  José Cernicharo IEM-CSIC IA Neutral interstellar gas
  Ed Churchwell U. Wisconsin IV. Abundance gradients
  Alain Léger IAS Orsay IIA. Interstellar cirrus
  Steve Miller UCL London IA Neutral interstellar gas
  Jonathan Tennyson UCL London IA Neutral interstellar gas
  Helen Walker RAL Didcot IA. Interstellar cirrus
Pre-MS Phillipe André Saclay  
  Martin Cohen UC Berkeley  
  Francesco Palla Obs. Arcetri  
Post-MS Martin Cohen UC Berkeley  
  Jim Cohen NRAL Jodrell Bank  
  Chris Skinner UCL London  
  Helen Walker RAL Didcot  
XGal Matt Malkan UC Los Angeles  
  Jonathan McDowell SAO Boston  
  Chris Skinner UCL London  
  Gordon Stacey U. Cornell  
Calibration Steven Lord IPAC/Caltech  
  Sean Colgan NASA/Ames  
  Michael Haas NASA/Ames  

Development Phase  
Peter Ade QMW Detector development, Guaranteed time programme
Phillipe André Saclay Scientific consultant
Per Annestad U. Arizona Scientific consultant
Jean-Paul Baluteau LAS French Project Scientist, Guaranteed time programme
Mike Barlow UCL Guaranteed time programme
Jean-Claude Berges LAS Design of optics and mechanical assembly
Mark Buckley RAL Diagnostics software development
Martin Burgdorf ESA Preparation of PV phase
John Cathrew RAL Product assurance
Simon Calcutt U. Oxford Scientific consultant
Joseph Cassinelli U. Wisconsin Scientific consultant
Emmanuel Caux CESR Warm electronics development, Guaranteed time programme
Cecilia Ceccarelli IFSI On-Board software development, Guaranteed time programme
José Cernicharo IEM-CSIC Scientific consultant
Ricardo Cerulli IFSI Digital processing unit electronics engineering
Jean-Paul Chabaud CESR Warm electronics development
Sarah Church QMW Detector characterisation
Ed Churchwell U. Wisconsin Scientific consultant
Peter Clegg QMW Principal Investigator LWS, Guaranteed time programme
Jim Cohen NRAL Jodrell Bank Scientific consultant
Martin Cohen UC Berkeley Scientific consultant
Sean Colgan NASA/Ames Scientific consultant
Francis Cotin CESR Warm analogue electronics management
Pierre Cox Obs. Marseille Guaranteed time programme
Paul Cruvellier LAS Director of LAS
Gary Davis MSSL Fabry-Pérot development manager, Guaranteed time
Christophe Deletrez CESR FPU simulator electronics engineering
Trevor Dimbylow RAL RTA/QLA Software design
Brian Diplock RAL Mechanical engineer, Cold vibration facility engineering
Auriel Donkin RAL Project office administration
Duncan Drummond RAL EGSE electronics/software engineering
Eric Dunford RAL Head of RAL Space Science Department,
    Liaison with SERC/PPARC
Roger Emery RAL Project scientist, Guaranteed time programme
David Ewart RAL AIT test controller, Scientific consultant
Jacqueline Fischer NRL Guaranteed time programme
Ian Furniss UCL Fabry-Pérot design scientist, Guaranteed time programme
Daniel Gautier Obs. Paris Scientific consultant
Bill Glencross UCL Fabry-Pérot development, Guaranteed time programme
Peter Gray RAL Optics design
Matt Griffin QMW Detector development, Guaranteed time programme
Phil Griffiths RAL Product assurance
Cécile Gry LAS Guaranteed time programme
Michael Haas NASA Ames Scientific consultant
Andrew Harwood RAL Software development, QLA and pipeline
Phil Hingston RAL AIV operations
John Holmes MSSL Fabry-Pérot assembly development
Martine Joubert LAS French Project Scientist, Optics development management,
    Guaranteed time programme
Ken King RAL EGSE Development, Operations scientist,
    Guaranteed time programme
Alain Léger IAS Orsay Scientific consultant
Kate Lidiard RAL Optics design engineering
Tanya Lim RAL Diagnostics software development, Scientific consultant
René Liseau IFSI / Obs. Stockholm Guaranteed time programme
Judy Long RAL Project office administration, Party organisation
Steve Lord IPAC Scientific consultant
Dario Lorenzetti IFSI Guaranteed time programme
Matt Malkan UC Los Angeles Scientific consultant
Jonathan McDowell SAO Boston Scientific consultant
Steve Miller UCL Scientific consultant
Sergio Molinari IFSI Operations preparation, Scientific consultant
David Naylor U. Calgary Fabry-Pérot development, Guaranteed time programme
Brunella Nisini IFSI Guaranteed time programme
Keith Norman MSSL Fabry-Pérot development manager
Alain Omont Obs. Grenoble Guaranteed time programme
Renato Orfei IFSI DPU electronic design, development management,
    Guaranteed time programme
Glenn Orton JPL Scientific consultant
Francesco Palla Obs. Arcetri Scientific consultant
Tom Patrick MSSL Fabry-Pérot wheel mechanical design
Daniel Péquignot Obs. Paris Guaranteed time programme
Dominique Pouliquen LAS Optics design engineering
Mark Price QMW Detector testing
N'Guyen Quang Rieu Obs. Paris Guaranteed time programme
Alan Rogers RAL LWS Project Management
David Robinson QMW Detector development management,
    Product Assurance, Quality Assurance
Tony Rush RAL Product Assurance, Quality Assurance
Michael Saisse LAS Optics Design
Paolo Saraceno IFSI Italian Project Scientist, Guaranteed time programme
Lakshmi Sastry RAL Software engineering
Guy Serra* CESR Warm electronics development, Guaranteed time
Roger Sidey Custon Development Fabry-Pérot wheel motor design
Sunil Sidher RAL Software engineering calibration pipeline, Scientific
Chris Skinner* UCL Scientific consultant
Alan Smith RAL AIV facility development, operations and management
Howard Smith NRL US Project Scientist, Guaranteed time programme
Luigi Spinoglio IFSI Guaranteed time programme
Phil Spurrett RAL AIV testing
Gordon Stacey U. Cornell Scientific consultant
Bruce Swinyard RAL Instrument testing and calibration, PV phase preparation,
    Guaranteed time programme
Jonathan Tennyson UCL Scientific consultant
Damien Texier ESA Preparation of LIDT
Bill Towlson UCL Fabry-Pérot Development
Norman Trams ESA Operations preparation, Scientific consultant
Derek Vickers QMW Detector/Focal Plane engineering
Helen Walker RAL Scientific consultant
Yvonne Windsor BNSC BNSC executive
Glenn White QMW Guaranteed time programme

Operations Phase  
Peter Ade QMW Science analysis
Christiane Armand LAS LIDT member, wavelength calibration
Jean-Paul Baluteau LAS Science analysis
Mike Barlow UCL Science analysis
Mark Buckley RAL Software development, calibration analysis
Martin Burgdorf ESA LIDT member, calibration uplink, photometric calibration
Emmanuel Caux CESR Calibration analysis, Science analysis,
    Parallel and serendipity mode concept and implementation
Cecilia Ceccarelli U. Grenoble Science analysis
Peter Clegg QMW Principal Investigator LWS, Science analysis
Martin Cohen UC Berkely Calibration analysis
Carlos Correia QMW Calibration analysis, Science analysis
Pierre Cox Obs. Marseille Science analysis
Gary Davis   Fabry-Pérot calibration analysis, Science analysis
Anna di Giorgio IFSI LIDT member, wavelength calibration, Science analysis
Roger Emery RAL LWS Project Scientist, Science Analysis
David Ewart RAL LIDT member, trend analysis, RTA/QLA expert
Jacqueline Fischer NRL Science analysis
Ian Furniss UCL Science analysis
Bill Glencross UCL Science analysis
Matt Greenhouse Smithsonian NASM Science analysis
Griffin Matt QMW Instrument commissioning, Calibration analysis, Science
Cécile Gry LAS/ESA LIDT member, wavelength calibration, grating profile,
    Science analysis
Andrew Harwood RAL OLP software development
Martine Joubert   Science analysis
Ken King RAL Project manager
Sarah Leeks QMW Detector analysis, Science analysis
Tanya Lim RAL/ESA LIDT deputy leader, photometric calibration, RSRF,
    Science analysis
René Liseau Obs. Stockholm Science analysis
Xiao-Wei Liu UCL Calibration analysis, Science analysis
Judy Long RAL Project office administration, Party organisation
Steve Lord IPAC Calibration analysis, ISAP development, Science Analysis
Dario Lorenzetti IFSI Science analysis
Rosario Lorente ESA Calibration analysis, grating profile
Nigel Minchin QMW Calibration analysis, blues performer, Science analysis
Sergio Molinari IFSI/IPAC LIDT member, photometric calibration, beam
    characterisation, Science analysis
David Naylor U. Lethbridge Science analysis
Brunella Nissini IFSI Science analysis
Graeme Oldham QMW Calibration analysis, Science analysis
Alain Omont Obs. Grenoble Science analysis
Tom Patrick MSSL Diagnostic wheel engineering
Daniel Péquinot Obs. Paris Science analysis
Stefano Pezzuto IFSI LIDT member, Fabry-Pérot calibration, Science analysis
Mark Price QMW LIDT member, detector calibration, trend analysis
N'Guyen Quang Rieu Obs. Paris Science analysis
Paolo Saraceno IFSI Science analysis
Sunil Sidher RAL LIDT member, calibration analysis, community support,
    LIA/ISAP development, Science analysis
Alan Smith RAL Operations support
Howard Smith NASM Calibration analysis, Science analysis
Luigi Spinoglio IFSI Science analysis
Bruce Swinyard RAL UK LWS team leader, Instrument comissioning,
    Calibration analysis, LIA/ISAP development, Science analysis
Roger Sylvester UCL Calibration analysis, Science analysis
Damien Texier ESA LIDT leader, trend analysis
Elisabetta Tommasi IFSI LIDT member, wavelength calibration, Science analysis
Norman Trams ESA LIDT/SOC member, Fabry-Pérot calibration
Sarah Unger RAL/IPAC ISAP development, Community support, Science analysis
Glenn White QMW Science analysis

Post-Operations Phase  
Martin Burgdorf ESA Photometric calibration
Susana Cabinero Rodríguez RAL Serendipity mode analysis
Emmanuel Caux CESR Transient correction
Josephine Chan RAL Scientific validation, Photometric calibration
Peter Clegg QMW LWS Principal Investigator
Roger Emery RAL LWS Project Scientist
David Ewart RAL Computer systems support
Cécile Gry ESA Handbook editor, Grating resolution element
Andrew Harwood RAL OLP software development
Gerard Hutchinson RAL LIA development, Fabry-Pérot calibration
Ken King RAL UKIDC manager
Sarah Leeks QMW Detector characterisation
Tanya Lim RAL/ESA Parallel and serendipity mode calibration, RSRF,
    LWS project manager
Chris Lloyd RAL Beam characterisation, de-fringing
Judy Long RAL Project office administration, Party organisation
Steve Lord IPAC ISAP development, Calibration analysis
Phillippe Marty CESR Transient correction, LIA development
Sergio Molinari IPAC ISAP/LIA development
Huw Morris RAL Computer system manager
Thomas Müller ESA Calibration analysis
Edward Polehampton RAL/Oxford Fabry-Pérot calibration
Sunil Sidher RAL LIA development, Photometric calibration
Bruce Swinyard RAL LWS project manager, Photometric calibration, optical
Florence Vivares CESR Parallel and serendipity mode pipeline development

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ISO Handbook Volume III (LWS), Version 2.1, SAI/1999-057/Dc