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8. Caveats

As described in previous chapters, the ISO OLP pipeline produced a variety of files that are available through the ISO Data Archive. While the use of FITS format implies a high-level of self-documentation regarding the quality of the data reduction and problems encountered during the automated processing performed, the user should be aware that there are some remaining caveats that should be considered for a proper data analysis. Some of them may require a detailed interactive analysis with the help of the available software (CIA, see the ISOCAM Interactive Analysis User's Manual, [28]). These caveats have been collected together in this chapter, and are presented in roughly the same product order in which they appear during the analysis scheme illustrated in Figure 5.1. Following some general considerations which apply in common to all ISOCAM data products, caveats affecting only some individual products are also discussed.


ISO Handbook Volume II (CAM), Version 2.0, SAI/1999-057/Dc