Taking ISO to the limits: exploring the faintest sources in the infrared

(Feb 3 - 4, 1997, ESAC, Madrid, Spain)
AGENDA (28/01/97)

DAY 1, Monday February 3

Bus leaves from Hotel (Madrid) to VILSPA				08:15

Registration								09:00
Welcome	by V. Claros, VILSPA Station Director				09:30
Introduction by M.F. Kessler, ISO Project Scientist			09:40

SESSION: CAM faint source observing strategy and data reduction

- ISOCAM instrument overview						09:45
  C. Cesarsky (CEA)
- Faint source detection in the ISOCAM Deep Survey			10:15
  D. Elbaz (CEA/DAPNIA/SAp)

COFFEE BREAK & POSTERS						10:45 - 11:00

- ISOCAM data reduction techniques for deep survey of faint sources	11:00
  F.X. Desert and Puget J.-L (IAS)
- ISOCAM transients, gain drifts, and sky modelling at IPAC		11:30
  D. Van Buren, M. Kong, J. Li, K. Ganga, R. Hurt (IPAC)

SESSION: PHT faint source observing strategy and data reduction

- ISOPHOT instrument overview						12:00
  D. Lemke (MPIA)
- PHT faint source data reduction					12:30
  M. Haas (MPIA)
- PHT-S advanced data reduction: PHT-S drift corrections on
  faint sources								12:45
  J. Acosta and J. Schubert (MPIA/IAC/ISO-SOC)

LUNCH BREAK & POSTERS						13:00 - 14:15

- PHT faint source test measurements and observing strategies		14:15
  P. Abraham (MPIA)
- General observing strategies and overview on PHT calibration status	14:45
  U. Klaas (MPIA/ISO-SOC)

COFFEE BREAK & POSTERS						15:15 - 15:45

- Astronomical background and confusion					15:45
  J.-L Puget (IAS)
- Space weather								16:15
  H. Castaneda (MPIA/IAC/ISO-SOC)
- ISOPHOT observations of a sample of blue compact galaxies		16:35
  N. Junkes, G. Richter, R. Assendorp (AIP), H. Krueger (MPIK),
  A. Kniazev, V. Lipovetsky (SAO, Nizhnij Arkhyz, Russia)

BREAK & POSTERS							16:55 - 17:10

- Faint sources in the Virgo Cluster observed with PHT32		17:10
  S. Niklas and R.Tuffs (MPIK)
- PHT observations of a sample of compact steep-spectrum radiosources	17:30
  C. Fanti, R. Fanti. F.Pozzi (DFU-IRB)
- PHT-S observations of Seyfert galaxies:
  Improved data reduction techniques					17:50
  B. Schulz, J. Clavel, B. Altieri, P. Barr,  P. Claes, A.M. Heras,
  K. Leech, L. Metcalfe,  A. Salama, G. Tagliaferri (ESA/ISO-SOC)
- Spectral energy distributions of high-redshift quasars		18:10
  B.J. Wilkes, K.K.McLeod, M.S. Elvis, J.C. McDowell (SAO)
  C. Lonsdale (IPAC), C. Impey (U of A), M. Malkan (UCLA)

SOCIAL EVENT: spanish wine and tapas in the VILSPA restaurant		18:30

Bus back to Madrid							20:00
DAY 2, Tuesday February 4

Bus leaves from Madrid to VILSPA					08:30

- A search for brightness fluctuations in the Zodiacal Light
  at 25 micron								09:00
  P. Abraham, Ch. Leinert, D. Lemke (MPIA)
- ISOPHOT observations of cirrus					09:20
  U. Herbstmeier(1), P. Abraham(1), R.J. Laureijs(2)
  D. Lemke(1), K. Mattila(3), Ch. Leinert (1), Ch. Surace(1)
  1: MPIA; 2: ESA/ISO-SOC; 3: Univ. of Helsinki
- Deep ISOPHOT observations of Supernova Remnants			09:40
  I. Heinrichsen (MPIK/ISO-SOC), R. Tuffs (MPIK),
  D. Levine (IPAC/ISO-SOC)
- Observing faint IR excesses from main sequence stars			10:00
  C. Dominik (Univ. Leiden) speaking for the VEGA consortium -
  PI H. Habing
- ISOPHOT photometry of faint sources - effects of calibration on
  SEDs of Young Stellar Objects						10:20
  M.R. Meyer and S.V.W. Beckwith (MPIA)

COFFEE BREAK & POSTERS						10:40 - 11:00

- PHT32 observations of hot stars					11:00
  R. Blomme and M. Runacres (AI-VUB)
- Preliminary analysis of ISOPHOT observations of Selected Area 57	11:20
  M. Linden-Voerle (ICSTM)
- ISO observations of the Hubble Deep Field				11:40
  S. Oliver (ICSTM) speaking for the ISOHDF Consortium
- A search for an optical/ISO flux correlation in the Hubble Deep Field	12:00
  D. Clements (IAS) speaking for the ISOHDF Team (ICSTM and elsewhere)
- Preliminary results of the ISOCAM deep survey for primeval galaxies	12:20
  Y. Taniguchi et al. (AI-TU)
- ISOPHOT far-infrared survey in the Lockman Hole and high-redshift
  quasars seen by ISO							12:40
  K. Kawara et al. (IA-UT/ISO-SOC)

LUNCH BREAK & POSTERS						13:00 - 14:15

Review and discussion						14:15 - 16:00
Reviewers:	F. Sibille (Observatoire de Lyon)
		D. Sanders (IA-UH)

Bus to airport								16:30

POSTERS (Confirmed)

- Searching for Bok globules using the ISSA plates
  N. Jessop and D. Ward Thompson (IA-UE)

- The European Large Area ISO Survey (ELAIS)
  S. Oliver (ICSTM) for the ELAIS Consortium

- The ISOPHOT Interactive Analysis (PIA), a calibration and scientific
  analysis tool. 
  C. Gabriel (ESA/ISO-SOC)

- ISOPHOT observations of the far-infrared luminous galaxy IRAS 13224-3809
  M. Polletta, T. Courvoisier, R. Walter (ISDC)
AIP	Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam
AI-TU	Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University (Sendai)
AI-VUB	Astrofysisch Instituut, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
DFU-IRB	Dipartimento di Fisica dell 'Universita' and Istituto
	di Radioastronomia Bologna
ESA	European Space Agency (Space Science Department)
IAP	Institut d'Astrophysique Spatial (Paris)
IA-UE	Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh
IA-UH	Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
IA-UT	Institute for Astronomy, University of Tokyo
ICSTM	Imperial College for Science, Technology and Medicine (London)
IPAC	Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, California Institute of
	Technology (Pasadena)
ISDC	Integral Science Data Center (Versoix, Switzerland)
ISO-SOC	ISO Science Operation Centre
MPIA	Max-Planck-Institut fuer Astronomie (Heidelberg)
MPIK	Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik (Heidelberg)
SAO	Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (Cambridge, MA)