PhD Theses related to ISO

Last update: 28 May 2007 (116 Theses listed)

Name Title Year University
Fred Lahuis Molecular fingerprints of star formation throughout the Universe : a space-based infrared study 2007 Leiden University
Anibal Garcia Study of the transition phase between AGB stars and PNe 2005 Universidad de La Laguna
Bram Acke Dust and gas diagnostics of the structure, dynamics and evolution of protoplanetary disks around Herbig Ae/Be stars 2005 University of Leuven
Stefano Berta Multiwavelength analyses of faint infrared galaxies 2005 University of Padova
Fabrice Martins New atmosphere models for massive stars: line-blanketing effects and wind properties of O stars 2004 Universite Paul Sabatier
Jacqueline Kessler-Silacci Gas and dust chemistry in planet-forming disks 2004 California Institute of Technology
Rien Dijkstra Water ice and silicates around evolved stars 2004 University of Amsterdam
Mattia Vaccari Space Infrared Extragalactic Surveys: Results from ISO and Future Prospects 2004 University of Padova
Bruno Merín Martín Study of Envelopes and Proto-Planetary Disks around Young Stars 2004 Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Frédéric Galliano Étude multi-longueurs d'onde de galaxies naines proches: propriétés des milieux interstellaires de faible métallicité (Multiwavelength study of dwarf galaxies: properties of low-metallicity interstellar media) 2004 Université de Paris XI
Annique Lenorzer >Near-infrared spectroscopic analysis of massive stars 2004 University of Amsterdam
Thomas Posch Astromineralogy of Circumstellar Oxide Dust 2004 University of Wien
Javier R. Goicoechea Astrofísica Molecular en el Infrarrojo Lejano: Nubes Interestelares y Circunestelares. 2003 Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Jerónimo Bernard-Salas Physics and chemistry of gas in planetary nebulae 2003 University of Groningen
Henrik Spoon >Mid-infrared spectroscopy of dusty galactic nuclei 2003 University of Groningen
Daniela Coia Infrared Observations of Clusters of Galaxies 2003 University College Dublin
Oliver Krause Die Natur kalter Quellen der ISOPHOT Zufallsdurchmusterung 2003 University of Heidelberg
Annemieke Boonman Spectroscopy of Gases around Massive Young Stars 2003 University of Leiden
Roeland van Malderen On the analysis of the IR spectra of cool giants: model atmospheres and time-dependent behaviour 2003 University of Leuven
Greet Decin A study of the occurrence and time evolution of circumstellar debris disks and their relation with planetary systems 2003 University of Leuven
Deniz van Heijnsbergen Infrared spectroscopic characterization of strongly bound gas phase clusters 2003 University of Nijmegen
Pierre Chanial A multiwavelength study of normal and starburst galaxies in the local universe 2003 Université de Paris VII
Brian O'Halloran Observations of Wolf Rayet and Starburst Galaxies with the Infrared Space Observatory 2003 University College Dublin
Emeric Lefloc'h Evolution de la formation stellaire par étude des galaxies hotes des gamma-ray bursts 2003 Université de Paris XI
Eduardo Alain González Solares Estudio de las poblaciones extragalácticas a partir de muestreos en el infrarrojo y rayos X (On the nature of the extragalactic populations from infrared and X-ray surveys) 2003 Universidad de La Laguna
Shinki Oyabu Observations of ISO far-infrared galaxies 2003 University of Tokyo
James Edward Lyke Classical novae and their contribution to galactic chemical evolution 2003 University of Minnesota
Bart Vandenbussche The ISO Short-Wavelength Spectrometer calibration and the ISO-SWS post-helium atlas of near-infrared stellar spectra 2002 University of Leuven
Ciska Kemper Mass loss and dust formation around oxygen-rich evolved stars 2002 University of Amsterdam
Sacha Hony Infrared light on the composition of the dust surrounding carbon-rich stars 2002 University of Amsterdam
Caroline Van Kerckhoven Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Diamonds around Young Stellar Objects 2002 University of Leuven
Els Peeters Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and dust in regions of massive star formation 2002 University of Groningen
Leticia Martín Hernández The galactic metallicity gradient 2002 University of Groningen
Edward Polehampton The ISO LWS high resolution spectral survey of Sagittarius B2 2002 University of Oxford
Stephan Ott Observations of the infrared sky with the ISOCAM parallel mode 2002 Université de Paris VI
Frédéric Schuller La formation d'etoiles massives dans la Galaxie vue par le releve infrarouge ISOGAL 2002 Université de Paris VI
Jacqueline V. Keane Origin and evolution of ices around massive young stars 2002 University of Groningen
Ilse van Bemmel Dust and gas in extra-galactic radio sources 2002 University of Groningen
Jan Cami Molecular gas and dust around evolved stars 2002 University of Amsterdam
Wing Fai Thi Gas and dust around young low-mass stars: from envelopes to disks 2002 University of Leiden
Ronald Vermeij The physical structure of Magellanic Cloud HII regions 2002 University of Groningen
Walfried Raab Entwicklung und Bau des Ferninfrarotspektrometers FIFI-LS und ISO-Beobachtungen des Galaktischen Zentrums 2002 University of Muenchen
George John Bendo The Infrared Space Observatory atlas of bright spiral galaxies 2002 University of Hawaii
Elizabeth Katherine Holmes Signatures of planets: Observations and modeling of structure in the zodiacal cloud and Kuiper disk 2002 University of Florida
Christopher Dennis Parkinson Photochemistry and radiative transfer studies in the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn 2002 York University (Canada)
Stephan Hotzel Die 170-um-Zufallsdurchmusterung mit ISO - Strukturen im kalten Staub der Milchstraße 2001 University of Heidelberg
Petri Väisanen Infrared properties of galaxies and constraint on galaxy evolution 2001 University of Helsinki
Rita Gautschy Spectral variability of carbon stars: A comparison between theory and observations 2001 University of Wien
Emilie Habart Couplage entre le gaz et les grains dans le milieu interstellaire 2001 Université de Paris VII
Charlotte Vastel L'oxygène dans le milieu interstellaire: l'apport des données spectroscopiques ISO/LWS 2001 University of Toulouse III
Nemesio Rodríguez-Fernández El origen del calentamiento y la quimica de las nubes del centro galactico 2001 Universidad Complutense Madrid
Jeroen Bouwman The processing and evolution of dust in Herbig Ae/Be systems 2001 University of Amsterdam
Gwendolyn Meeus A multiwavelength study of the circumstellar environment of Herbig Ae/Be stars 2001 University of Leuven
Hélène Roussel Emission en infrarouge moyen des poussières dans les galaxies spirales: liens avec la formation d'étoiles et avec la dynamique des galaxies barrées 2001 University of Strasbourg
Mikako Matsuura Observational Studies of Infrared Water-Vapor Bands in Late Type Stars 2001 University of Tokyo
Csaba Kiss Investigation of the structure of the cold interstellar matter by radio and infrared measurements 2001 University of Budapest
Sven A.H. Müller Dust in radio quiet quasars, ultra luminous infrared galaxies, radio galaxies and radio loud quasars 2001 University of Bochum
Yaël Fuchs The environment of microquasars and other high energy sources in the Galaxy 2001 Université de Paris XI
Masahiko Mizutani Physical Conditions of the Diffuse Interstellar Medium in the Active Star-forming Carina Region 2001 University of Tokyo
Erika Lynne Gibb Chemistry of massive star formation regions 2001 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Yuan-Tai (Anthony) Lee Atmospheric chemistry and transport modeling in the outer solar system 2001 California Institute of Technology
Donovan Louis Domingue Mapping the infrared and hydrogen-alpha emission in mixed morphology binary galaxies 2001 University of Alabama
Maohai Huang Interstellar carbon under the influence of HII regions 2001 University of Boston
Frank Molster Crystalline silicates in circumstellar dust shells 2000 University of Amsterdam
Leen Decin Synthetic spectra of cool stars observed with the Short-Wavelength Spectrometer: improving the models and the calibration of the instrument 2000 University of Leuven
Sarah J. Leeks The Long Wavelength Spectrometer: Reduction and Interpretation of Data on W28 A2, a High-Mass Star-Forming Region 2000 University of London
Bernhard Aringer The SiO molecule in the Atmospheres and Circumstellar Envelopes of AGB stars 2000 University of Wien
Hervé Dole L'Evolution des Galaxies Infrarouges des observations cosmologiques avec ISO à une modélisation de l'infrarouge moyen au submillimétrique 2000 Université de Paris XI
Michael J.D. Linden-Vørnle Deep far infrared ISOPHOT survey in Selected Area 57 2000 University of Copenhagen
Joerg Fischera Infrarotemission der SN 1987A nach 11 Jahren 2000 University of Heidelberg
José Carlos da Cunha Lima Correia A Far-Infrared and Submillimetre Continuum Study of Young Stellar Objects 2000 University of London
Murray D. Silverstone The Vega Phenomenon: Evolution and Multiplicity 2000 University of California
Nyls Ride Infrared Spectroscopic Investigations of Stellar Winds from Red Giants 2000 University of Uppsala
Ernst Paunzen The group of Lambda-Bootis stars 2000 University of Wien
Thierry Fouchet Physico-chimie de l'Atmosphère Jovienne à partir de l'Analyse des Données du Satellite infrarouge ISO 2000 Université de Paris VI
Peter A. Zaal Observations and Analysis of early-type stars at infrared wavelengths 2000 University of Amsterdam
Dirk Rosenthal Entwicklung eines Ferninfrarotdetektorarrays und ISO-SWS Beobachtungen molekularen Wasserstoffs im Sternentstehungsgebiet OMC-1 2000 University of Muenchen
Thomas Douvion An infrared study of supernova remnants 2000 Université de Paris XI
Karine Demyk Interstellar Silicates: physico-chemical composition and evolution 2000 Université de Paris XI
Matthew Delaney Gamma-Ray Bursts and Wolf-Rayet Galaxies with the Infrared Space Observatory 2000 University College Dublin
Aprajita Verma Towards the Physics and Evolution of the Infrared Extragalactic Population: Analysis and Follow-up of Far-Infrared Surveys 2000 University of London
Darach Watson X-ray and Infrared Spectrometry of BL Lacs, Quasars and SMPs 2000 University College Dublin
Mario van den Ancker Circumstellar Material in Young Stellar Objects 1999 University of Amsterdam
Adwin Boogert The interplay between dust, gas, ice, and protostars 1999 University of Groningen
Alessandra Contursi Propriétés dans l'infrarouge moyen et lointain des galaxies spirales et irrégulières. 1999 Université de Paris VI
Marc-Antoine Miville-Deschênes Mid-infrared and 21 cm observations of cirrus clouds 1999 Université de Paris XI and Laval
Robert H.M. Voors Infrared studies of hot stars with dust 1999 University of Utrecht
Jacco Th. van Loon Mass loss and evolution of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars in the Magellanic Clouds 1999 University of Amsterdam
Koen Malfait The properties and evolution of the dusty disks surrounding Herbig Ae/Be stars 1999 University of Leuven
Olivier Laurent Etude des galaxies à flambées d'étoiles et à noyau actif dans l'infrarouge moyen avec ISOCAM 1999 Université de Paris XI
Aurore Bacmann Constraints on star formation initial conditions from ISOCAM absorption observation of dense cores 1999 Université de Grenoble
Hervé Aussel Formation and evolution of galaxies in the mid-infrared 1999 Université de Paris VII
Ludovic Lémonon A multi-spectral study of galaxy clusters observed when the universe was only 2/3rd of its current age 1999 Université de Paris XI
Randolf Klein Dust in Massive Star-Forming Regions. A Case Study with the Infrared Space Observatory 1999 University of Jena
Héctor Flores Global spectral energy distribution and spectro-photometry of distant field galaxies 1999 Université de Paris VII
Wako Aoki Infrared spectroscopy of cool evolved stars with the ISO SWS 1999 University of Tokyo
Jim Ingalls Carbon gas in high galactic latitude molecular clouds 1999 University of Boston
Quang Dan Tran Emission du milieu interstellaire local et extragalactique dans l'infrarouge moyen: l'apport d'ISOCAM 1998 Université de Paris XI
Rostislav Stork Infrared and Visual Observations of Solid State Interplanetary Matter 1998 University of Prague
Patricia Le Coupanec Observations et modelisation des Bandes Diffuses et Bandes Infrarouges dans le milieu interstellaire: Confrontation a l'hypothese PAH 1998 Université de Paris VI
Sabine Philipp Infrarotbeobachtungen der Zentralregion unserer Milchstraße - Untersuchungen der Sternpopulation sowie der Verteilung und der integralen Eigenschaften von Sternen und Staub in der Region um das Galaktische Zentrum 1998 University of Heidelberg
Perry A. Gerakines Astrophysical Ices in the Laboratory and the Nature of Solid Carbon Dioxide in Molecular Clouds 1998 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Wei-Liang Chen Molecular Line Emissions from the Circumstellar Outflows of Oxygen-Rich Late-Type Stars 1998 The John Hopkins University
Natascha M. Foerster Schreiber Near-infrared imaging spectroscopy and mid-infrared imaging spectroscopy of M82: revealing the nature of star formation activity in the archetypal starburst galaxy 1998 University of Muenchen
Emmanuel Dartois Spectroscopie en matrice de molécules aromatiques et de leurs ions. Evolution des grains interstellaires et des matériaux volatiles qui se déposent à la surface de ces grains. 1998 Université de Paris VI
Ana Pérez-Garcia Galaxias Seyfert: Una perspectiva con el Observatorio Espacial Infrarrojo (ISO) 1998 Universidad de La Laguna
Peter van Hoof Photo-ionization studies of nebulae 1997 University of Groningen
Josef Schubert Die Eichung des Infrarot-Gitterspektrometers in Satelliten-Experiment ISOPHOT und die Korrektur der Transienten seiner Detektoren 1997 University of Heidelberg
Nicole S. van der Bliek Stars and the calibration of infrared data 1997 University of Leiden
Sybille Peschke Comet Observation with ISOPHOT in the Far-Infrared 1997 University of Heidelberg
Thomas Müller Asteroiden als photometrische Eichquellen für den fernen Infrarotbereich 1997 University of Heidelberg
Frank P. Helmich Dense Molecular Gas around Massive Young Stars 1996 University of Leiden
Stefan Bogun Vorbereitung der Zufalls-Durchmusterung des Himmels im fernen Infraroten mit dem ISO-Satelliten 1995 University of Heidelberg
Tanya Lim The ISO Ground-Based Preparatory Programme 1993 Imperial College - University of London
Bernhard Schulz Bodenkalibration des Infrarotphotometers im Satellitenexperiment ISOPHOT 1993 University of Heidelberg
Martin Burgdorf Eine 200-micrometer Kamera zur unvollstaendigen Himmeldurchmusterung mit dem ISO-Satelliten 1990 University of Heidelberg