ISO Images from the 14th February Press Conference

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The ISO success could not have been possible without the dedication, professionalism and inspiration of countless individuals over a period stretching back nearly 20 years. Overall management was carried out by the ESA Project Team, located at ESTEC. The satellite was built by an industrial consortium, led by Aerospatiale (F) as prime contractor, and including 35 companies at its peak. Each instrument was built by a consortium of institutes and industries, led by a Principal Investigator, Catherine Cesarsky (CEA, Saclay, F) for ISOCAM, Peter Clegg (QMW, London, UK) for the Long Wavelength Spectrometer, Thijs de Graauw, (SRON, Groningen, NL) for the Short Wavelength Spectrometer and Dietrich Lemke (MPIA, Heidelberg, D) for ISOPHOT. A full description of the participants in the ISO Programme is given in issue number 84 of the ESA Bulletin.