Acknowledgement procedures for ISO images

All of the images that appear on these WWW pages are freely reproducible for non-commercial or educational purposes provided that the following credit is given;

"Credit: ESA/ISO, Instrument, PI"

Where the `Instrument' is simply the instrument (CAM, LWS, PHT, SWS) that performed the observation and the `PI' (Prime Investigator) is the person for whom the observation was performed.

We would also appreciate it if you could send a copy of your publication to us and refer to our home (or science) page in your article (or caption).

For example, compare the suggested short credit that we have attached to the following image to the one that is on the gallery page.

Credit: ESA/ISO, CAM, K. Leech et al.
Taken from the ISO Science Results Gallery

And for a printed article please add the extra line;