Version 9.1 of the ISO Off-Line Processing (OLP) software released on 3 October 2000

Version 9.1 of the ISO Pipeline has been released to fix a problem which was found in the ISOCAM data processing in version 9.0 of the pipeline (the release of which was announced on July 18, 2000). This problem affected only a few ISOCAM observations, and in those cases its impacts were confined to : (a) the CMAP or CMOS products, which are the fully processed Auto-analysis (AA) products or (b) to the Quick-look products - the so-called "Icons" and "Postcards" - which are derived from the AA products.

For the problem cases a wrong dark-current correction was applied for some configurations, and it manifests itself in the appearance of a strong horizontal striping in the product images.

If you have retrieved ISOCAM data since July 18, when OLPv9.0 was released, and have performed interactive analysis on that data - THEN YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING AGAIN. The products which you have used as input to IA are unaffected by this bug.

If you have retrieved ISOCAM data in the period and want to be sure of having the best quality Auto-analysis and Quick-look products, then you should resubmit the data retrieval request selecting the "latest available processing" option in the archive. For additional support contact ISO helpdesk -

In all respects, apart from the repair of this bug in the ISOCAM dark-current correction algorithm, OLPv9.1 is identical to OLPv9.0.

The release note for OLPv9.0, describing its capabilities with respect to earlier versions, can be found at:

Leo METCALFE and Stephan OTT for the ISO Data Centre