The Infrared Space Observatory observed from earth!

ISO observed!

Credit: Matthias Busch, Rainer Kresken

This animation shows the Infrared Space Observatory (95062A) observed at approx. 63,800 km from earth.

The exposures were taken on 16th December 1998 from the Starkenburg Observatory, Heppenheim, Germany between 21:24:40 - 21:26:40 UT (5 exposures of 5 seconds taken every 30 seconds). North to the left.

Instrument: Mühleis Telescope (450 mm, f/4.4, Newton) with a CCD Camera (768x512 pixels in 2x2 binning mode, 12x8 arcmin fov).

ISO was switched off on May 16 1998, thereby bringing to a close the highly-successful in-orbit operations of the ISO mission.