Extragalactic Results from the Infrared Space Observatory

Preprints of an extensive review article to appear in Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics (vol. 38, 2000) entitled "Extragalactic Results from the Infrared Space Observatory' by Reinhard Genzel and Catherine J. Cesarsky are now available via astro-ph/0002184 and also (with higher resolution images) as a gzip'd pdf file (667kB) from:


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More than a decade ago the IRAS satellite opened the realm of external galaxies for studies in the 10 to 100 micron band and discovered emission from tens of thousands of normal and active galaxies. With the 1995-1998 mission of the Infrared Space Observatory the next major steps in extragalactic infrared astronomy became possible: detailed imaging, spectroscopy and spectro-photometry of many galaxies detected by IRAS, as well as deep surveys in the mid- and far- IR. The spectroscopic data reveal a wealth of detail about the nature of the energy source(s) and about the physical conditions in galaxies. ISO's surveys for the first time explore the infrared emission of distant, high-redshift galaxies. ISO's main theme in extragalactic astronomy is the role of star formation in the activity and evolution of galaxies.