New Highly Processed Data Products

Highly Processed Data Products (HPDP) are the result of systematic processing beyond the pipeline and/or using new, refined algorithms mainly contributed by ISO instrument experts. They include processed images and spectra, object catalogues, and spectral and image atlases. Often involving hands-on, interactive processing, they are conceived to purge the data from the residual instrumental artifacts still present in the products of the automatic pipeline processing and documented as "caveats". The Highly Processed Data Products are completely integrated in the ISO Data Archive and are in most cases declared default dataset.

The following new HPDP's have recently been ingested in the ISO Data Archive;

The following HPDP's, declared as default dataset, have been enhanced with browse products, similarly as those produced for the pipeline products. They can be visualised with the dedicated IDA tools and with the new utility VOSpec.

Also, a problem in the FITS headers of the ISO-SWS Post-He Atlas of Near-IR Stellar Spectra (B. Vandenbussche et al.) has been fixed.

A full list of HPDPs available in the ISO Data Archive can be found here.

The ISO Data Archive can be accessed at

ISO Data Centre, 4/08/2006