ISO Workshop on Solar System Objects

(10-12 May 1999, ESAC, Madrid, Spain)

           |  ISO Workshop on Solar System Objects  |
           |          VILSPA, May 1999              |
                     First Announcement
Dear ...., 
The ISO Data Centre team in Vilspa intends to hold a workshop on Solar System 
Objects here at ESA's satellite tracking station near Madrid (Spain) in May 
1999. Bearing in mind the specific needs in data reduction of ISO's solar 
system observations, our initial objective for this workshop is to support
the finalisation of data reduction of individual observing programmes for 
presentations at the two major conferences on solar system objects this year:
Asteroids, Comets, Meteors meeting in July and the Division of Planetary 
Sciences meeting in October. Also, one should not forget that by August 1999 
all ISO data will have become public.

This workshop would bring together the ISO observers working on Solar System 
programmes with our experts in instrument calibration and data reduction for
an exchange on latest calibration updates, advanced data processing techniques
and also latest results on Solar System studies. In addition, we have a number
of facilities which you can use to reduce and fine tune your data with support
from the staff at the Data Centre.

As possible topics we see: pointing, tracking and their impact on observations 
using small apertures; parallax; solar system observations with PHT; analysis 
of asteroid data and thermal modelling; modelling planet emission; beam-
tracking effects on SWS data analysis. However, this list is not exhaustive 
and you may have other specific topics you would like to see discussed.

Within the general scope of the workshop we will customise detailed topics
and structure according to your needs. Attachment 1) contains information on
scope and timeline. With this letter we solicit feedback from you and we ask 
you to kindly send us back the enclosed questionnaire attachment 2) to by 28 Feb 1999.
  ==========================    =========== 

This announcement is sent to all principal investigators of ISO Solar System
programmes. Please pass it on to other colleagues who may be interested.

Looking forward to your reply,

with kind regards,

Thomas Mueller and Astrid Heske
ISO Data Centre, Vilspa


Attachment 1) - Logistics
Time and Location

We propose two possible dates, either 5-7 or 10-12 May 1999.
Depending on the preferences of the community we will set the final
date by end of February after evaluating your inputs extracted from
the questionnaire enclosed below.
The workshop will take place at the ISO Data Centre in Villafranca
del Castillo, Spain. Since we plan to include also data reduction
sessions using our computer facilities the number of participants 
would have to be limited to a maximum of 15 people.
During the 3-day workshop we will offer general overviews of the ISO 
Solar System observations, presentations of the instrument calibration
of CAM, LWS, PHT and LWS, data reduction software (CIA, LIA, PIA, SIA,
ISAP) and special data reduction techniques. After short voluntary
presentations of the participants programmes, including status and
problems, we plan dedicated "hands-on" sessions supported by data
reduction experts. There will be ample time to discuss the outcome of 
these sessions.
No proceedings are foreseen, but presentations will be published on the
By beginning of March, after the evaluation of the questionnaire (see 
below) we will set the date for the workshop and announce the detailed 
agenda. We plan to customise the sessions as far as possible to the needs 
of the participants, thus the detailed agenda will very much depend on
your feedback.

The deadline for registration will be 9 Apr 1999.
     5 Feb 99    First Announcement (with questionnaire)
    28 Feb 99    Deadline for Questionnaire
     5 Mar 99    Second Announcement (with agenda and date of workshop)
     9 Apr 99    Deadline for registration
       May 99    Workshop
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Attachment 2)

  |  please send back to before 28 Feb 1999  |

1)  Name:                          
    Mailing address:
2)  Are you interested in participating in the Workshop?

3)  Name of your Observing Programme(s) (if any)
    to be worked on (observerID, proposalID):     ________    ________
    Instrument(s):                                     CAM/LWS/PHT/SWS
    Observing Mode(s):

4)  Preference of workshop date:            5-7  or  10-12  May 1999

5)  Do you have experience with ISO data analysis packages (CIA, LIA,
    PIA, SIA, ISAP)?
    If 'yes', which one(s)?
    Do you want to learn about others? Which one(s)?

6)  Topics which should be addressed during the workshop:

7)  Are you willing to give a presentation of your work during the 
    workshop? Topic?

8)  Do you plan to present ISO data at the ACM or DPS Meeting?