The Universe as seen by ISO

(Oct, 20-23, UNESCO, Paris, France)

Instructions for authors: LaTeX template and style files

The Proceedings of the conference, "The Universe as seen by ISO", will be published in the ESA Special Publications series (SP-427) in February 1999. To obtain a homogeneous overall 'look' to the proceedings, all papers must be produced using the designated LaTeX macros and submitted electronically. The final deadline for inclusion in the proceedings is 30 November 1998.

You need to download the three file named 'isosample.tex', 'iso98.sty' and 'twocolumn.sty'. The first is the instructions file and the second is the main LaTeX style file. Please do not use any other style files. You may, if you wish, also download '', which is the postscript output from isosample.tex.

Please use the following unique naming scheme for your contribution, namely: last name plus first initial, e.g. kesslerm.tex. Figures should be numbered similarly, namely kesslerm1.eps, kesslerm2.eps, etc. In case you presented more than one paper, please use identifiers such as kesslerm1.tex, kesslerm2.tex, etc. In this case, the corresponding figures should be named as kesslerm1_1.eps, kesslerm1_2.eps, kesslerm2_1.eps, etc.

After preparing your contribution, please transfer the following files to us:
(1) the .tex file
(2) all included .eps (or .ps) files for the figures
(3) the file

Please deposit these files in our ftp area:

  user:	isoconf
  password: the_universe

  cd isoias3:[isoconf.ftp]

  put *.tex
  put *.eps
  put *.ps


Once you have successfully deposited all files, please let us know by sending an e-mail to: ''.

The page limits are 8 pages for invited review papers and 4 pages for contributed (oral and poster) papers.

If you have any questions regarding the macros, please send an e-mail to '', with the word MACRO in the title line.

REMEMBER in order to ensure inclusion in the proceedings, your contribution(s) must be received by 30 NOVEMBER 1998.