The Universe as seen by ISO

(Oct, 20-23, UNESCO, Paris, France)

Second Announcement and Call for Papers

Conference poster The Universe as seen by ISO

20-23 October 1998
125, avenue de Suffren
75007 Paris, France

"A Conference to highlight the findings obtained with ESA's Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) from Comets to Cosmology."



The Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) was launched on 17 November 1995 and was operated successfully from then until its liquid helium supply was exhausted on 8 April 1998. As the first results have already shown, ISO has provided a breakthrough in our understanding of the composition of cosmic gas and dust, the physical processes related to star formation, the evolution of stars in both our galaxy and in external galaxies, the mechanisms at play in the infrared galaxies and the nature of their powering sources up to cosmological distances. The infrared observations provided by ISO connect many fields of astronomy through the diagnostics of the major atomic and molecular cooling lines or important physical processes like the dust/gas exchange and the chemistry.

By the autumn of 1998, half a year after the end of the mission, many results will be available and ready for presentation. Thus, it appears appropriate at that time to hold a major scientific meeting to summarise and discuss the results obtained during the ISO mission in all fields of astrophysics.

Local Organising Committee

P. Cox - Chair, Inst. d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Orsay, F
V. Demuyt - Secretary, Inst. d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Orsay, F
Th. Encrenaz, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, F
M. Joubert, CNES, Toulouse, F
L. Vigroux, Saclay-CEA, F
I. Vollgraf, ESA/Scientific Programme Directorate, Paris, F
S. Volonte, ESA/Scientific Programme Directorate, Paris, F

Scientific Organising Committee

M.E. Anderegg, ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, NL
E.E. Becklin, UCLA, CA, USA
J. Cernicharo, Inst. de Estr. de la Materia, Madrid, E
C. Cesarsky - Chair, CEA-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, F
P.E. Clegg, Queen Mary & Westfield College, London, UK
P. Cox, Inst. d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Orsay, F
Th. Encrenaz, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, F
R. Genzel, MPI für Extraterrestrische Physik, Garching, D
Th. de Graauw, SRON, Groningen, NL
H. J. Habing, Sterrewacht, Leiden, NL
M. Harwit, Washington, USA
G. Helou, IPAC, Pasadena, USA
D.J. Hollenbach, NASA/Ames, Moffet Field, USA
M.F. Kessler, ESA, Villafranca, E
D. Lemke, Max-Planck-Institut fürAstronomie, Heidelberg, D
A.F. Moorwood, ESO, Garching, D
A. Natta, Osservatorio di Arcetri, Firenze, I
L. Nordh, Stockholm Observatory, Stockholm, S
H. Okuda, ISAS, Kanagawa, Japan
J.L. Puget - Co-chair, Inst. d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Orsay, F
M. Rowan-Robinson, Imperial College, London, UK
T. Tsuji, Institute of Astronomy, Tokyo, Japan

Preliminary Programme

The programme will consist of invited talks plus oral and poster contributions. Ample time will be allocated for discussions and for viewing posters. Most of the topics which have been studied with ISO will be covered during the conference. The final programme will be given in the Third and final Announcement (on the WWW).

Current draft programme

The main talks foreseen, to date, are as follows:

Session 1 - Welcome
Session 2 - The ISO satellite
- The ISO Mission, M.F. Kessler
- SWS, T. de Graauw
- LWS, P.E. Clegg
- ISOCAM, C.J. Cesarsky
- ISOPHOT, D. Lemke
Session 3 - The Solar System
- Solar System Observations with ISO, E. Lellouch
Session 4 - Interstellar Medium
- Photodissociation regions, B.T. Draine
- Chemical Composition of the ISM, P. Cox
- Cometary and ISM Dust, C. Waelkens
- The ISOGAL Survey, A. Omont
- The Galactic Centre, D. Lutz
- Cold Dust, R. Laureijs
- PHOT Serendipity Observations, M. Stickel
Session 5 - Star Formation
- Luminosity Distribution of Young Stars, T. Prusti
- Young Stellar Objects, E.F. van Dishoeck
- Protoplanetary Disks, S.V.W. Beckwith
Session 6 - Stars
- Vega Type Stars, C. Dominik
- Evolved Stars, TBC
- Hot Massive Stars, P. Morris
- Supernova remnants, E. Dwek
Session 7 - External Galaxies
- Nearby Galaxies, G. Helou
- AGN and Starburst Galaxies, A.F.M. Moorwood
- Infrared View of High Energy Sources, R. Genzel
Session 8 - Cosmology
- Deep Surveys in the Mid-Infrared, D. Elbaz
- Deep Surveys in the Far-Infrared, J.L. Puget
- The ELIAS Survey, R. Rowan-Robinson
Session 9 - Summary of the Conference
- The Spectroscopic Results, M. Harwit
- The Photometric Results, TBC

Calendar of Events

30 July Deadline for submission of a one- page abstract
15 September Notification of acceptance and issue of instructions for submission of papers to authors
15 September Preliminary Programme on WWW
30 September Registration deadline
20-23 October Conference
December Publication of Proceedings

Contributed Papers

Papers for presentation will be selected on the basis of abstracts of approximately 300-500 words. The abstract should clearly outline the paper's major elements of interest and its originality. Papers will be selected on the basis of:

Abstracts should contain the following information:

with full mail address, phone/fax numbers and e-mail address of the contact person. Accepted abstracts will be included in an Abstracts Book, to be circulated at the conference. Abstracts should be submitted by 30 July 1998 at the latest by e-mail to:

Authors will be notified of the decision of the Programme Committee by 15 September 1998. Authors whose paper has been accepted will then receive the necessary instructions for the preparation of their manuscript.


The Proceedings will be published in the ESA Special Publications series (SP-427) within three months after the meeting. The original papers must be handed over in camera-ready form to the Editor during the conference. A copy of the Proceedings will be sent to each participant.

Conference Fee

The registration fee for the Conference is FRF 1000,-. The fee includes access to all presentations, the Abstract Book, the Conference Proceedings, the welcome cocktail and the refreshments during the breaks. Payment of the registration fee in French Francs should be made by bank transfer (all bank charges to be borne by the participant) prior to return of the registration form to:

T.G. de l'Essone, Bd. de France, F-91011 Evry, France
Bank Code : 10071
Branch Code : 91000
CNRS Account number : 00003001722
Cle RIB : 65

(stating clearly name and affiliation of the participant as well as the Conference name 'ISO'). Payment for last-minute registration is possible in cash only (French Francs) at the 'ISO' Registration Desk on Tuesday 20 October 1998.

General Information


UNESCO can easily be reached by metro (line 6, Stop: Cambronne or line 10, Stop: Segur). Information concerning travel to Paris will follow in the Third announcement.

Hotel Accommodation

Participants should make hotel reservations through 'HAVAS ESA Paris'. Bookings at special ESA rates will be made in several hotels located nearby UNESCO or in the central areas of Paris. Please send the enclosed hotel reservation form by fax to the number indicated. Note that it is advisable to send the hotel reservation form as soon as possible to ensure the best choices (price and location).


There is a cafeteria at UNESCO and a number of restaurants in the area of UNESCO where lunches may be obtained at participants' own expense.

Social Events

There will be a Welcome Cocktail for the participants (included in the registration fee) on the evening of Tuesday 20 October, starting at 18:00.

A Conference Dinner is planned and further information will be provided by e-mail in due time to all the participants. Note that the dinner is not included in the registration fee.

Registration and Conference Secretariat

Participants are requested to fill in the attached Registration Form and return it duly completed (with proof of payment) by 30 September 1998 to the conference secretariat as follows:

Valerie Demuyt (Registrations)
Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale
Universite de Paris XI, Bat. 121
F-91405 Orsay Cedex France
Tel: 33 (0)1 69 85 85 13
Fax: 33 (0)1 69 85 86 75

In order to speed up the registration procedure, the 'ISO' Conference Registration Desk at UNESCO will be open on Tuesday 20 October 1998 from 9:00 on.