The first ISO workshop on analytical spectroscopy with SWS, LWS, PHT-S and CAM-CVF

(Oct 6-8, 1997, Madrid, Spain)


General guidelines for the preparation of 'camera-ready' papers for The ISO-PEAKS Workshop.

The proceedings of the Workshop will be published by ESA's Publications Division, based at ESTEC in The Netherlands, approximately twelve weeks after the Workshop. To contain production costs and to ensure a quick turn around, text and all artwork and photos will normally be printed in black and white. If this poses a problem, please contact the Workshop Editor, whose address is given below.

To allow for quick publication and a homogeneous presentation of the hard copy printed version please prepare your paper as indicated below.


At the top of the first page, to be centred:

Start the text (in the left column) with an abstract (approximately 150 words) highlighting the main points. All figures should be integrated in the text (see example of proper layout and format), or put together at the end of the text.

LaTeX and WORD TEMPLATES To help you prepare your paper, templates in Microsoft WORD 7 and LaTeX, and also an example layout in PDF, can be down loaded from the ESA Publications Division's web server whose URL is:

Normally, the total length should not exceed 6 pages for an Invited paper, 4 pages for a Contributed paper and 2 pages for a Poster paper.

We ask that all papers be submitted in printed, hard copy version only. However if you have problems in getting this version to us on time, please contact the organisers (e-mail to:; we may, on a on a case by case basis, be able to assist you by accepting electronically a LaTeX input.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS TO THE PROCEEDINGS: 31 October 97. We encourage authors to bring their camera ready manuscripts to the meeting. However to permit authors to adapt their papers in the light of discussions at the Workshop, we will accept papers until the above deadline. This tight deadline is necessary to be able to release the Proceedings by January next year. Please help us meet this goal.

Please remember that the Proceedings cannot be sent for printing until all contributions have been received and you owe it to your colleagues to deliver your paper on time and in the correct form.

The camera-ready manuscript must reach the Workshop Organisers by 31 October 1997 at the latest. Please send your paper to:

Given the tightness of the deadline and possible mail delays, we encourage you send your paper by courier service if you cannot bring it to the Workshop. Courier services usually ask for a contact name and a telephone number; please tell them: Martin Kessler, tel. +34-1-813-1254.

They may also ask you for a street address rather than a PO box number.
In this case give them:

All participants to the Workshop will receive a copy of the full proceedings (ref: ESA SP-419) by mail.

For any queries concerning the preparation of your manuscript, please contact the Workshop Editor: