ISO Beyond Point Sources: Studies of extended infrared emission

(Sep 14-17, ESAC, Madrid, Spain)

Third announcement of Workshop

     ISO beyond point sources: studies of extended infrared emission

                        |Preliminary Agenda|

                        14-17 September 1999
                          ISO Data Centre
                      Villafranca del Castillo
                           Madrid, Spain

This is the third announcement for a workshop which will be held at the Data
Centre of the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) in Villafranca del Castillo
near Madrid (Spain) from September 14 to 17, 1999. Please find
attached the preliminary agenda for the workshop.

The workshop organisation is ongoing: so far we have received registrations
from more than 40 astronomers. More information on the workshop including
registration and hotel booking forms can be found under:

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting,
Rene Laureijs
on behalf of the SOC and LOC


Except for the talk by J.-L Puget (30+10 min), all talks will
last 20 minutes plus 10 minutes of discussion.

Day 1 (14/09/99)

Registration - until 14:00 am

V. Claros		Welcome from VILSPA Station Director
M.F. Kessler    	Workshop Opening from ISO Project Scientist

Session 1: Analysis of extended infrared emission

J.-L. Puget		Review: Extended source emission - what has been
			achieved among infrared instruments
A. Salama		ISO beam profiles: Towards extended source calibration
K. Okamura		The ISO p.s.f. and ISOCAM beam profiles
T. Mueller		Aperture photometry with ISOPHOT
C. Lloyd		LWS fringing and beam profile
C. Gabriel		Map coadding and simulation techniques with ISOPHOT

Day 2 (15/09/99)

M.-A. Miville-Deschenes	ISOCAM mapping of Galactic cirrus: new ISOCAM data
			reduction techniques for raster imaging of extended
J.-L. Starck		Object detection and deconvolution: a combined approach

Session 2: Extended objects in the Solar system

L. Colangeli		ISOCAM and ISOPHOT Observations of comets
P. Lamy			Observations of Hale Bopp

Session 3: Diffuse ISM

F. Boulanger		Spectroscopic observations extended emission with
M. Tanaka		IRTS/NIRS results of the diffuse 3.3 micron UIR band
S. Price		Mapping of the Galactic Plane with MSX
C. Meny                 Extended galactic emission and color variations in
                        the submillimeter range: PRONAOS results
R.J. Laureijs		ISOPHOT observations of cirrus structures
T. Lim			LWS parallel mode: usage and first results

Session 4: Resolved structures in the Galaxy

J. Cernicharo		Infrared emission in high mass star forming regions.
A. Abergel		ISOCAM Survey of star forming regions:
			Extended emission

Day 3 (16/09/99)

E. Caux			Observations of NGC1333
G.J. White		LWS observations of the galactic centre
H.J. Wendker		ISO and Radio Comparison of G79.49+0.46

Session 5: Circumstellar Environment

S. Fajardo Acosta	ISOPHOT mapping of Vega type circumstellar dust
T. Le Bertre		Extended IR emission of red giants
M. Meixner		Circumstellar dust around Post-AGB stars

Session 6: Resolving Galaxies

S. Bianchi		ISO observations of spirals: Modeling the FIR emission
K. Mochizuki		CII/FIR Continuum toward the central kpc of M31
G. Knapp		Extended emission from cold dust in E galaxies
J.M. Rodriguez Espinosa Extended Far IR emission in Seyfert galaxies
C. Carilli		High-Res infrared and mm imaging of Cyg A and Cen A:
			constraining physical processes in radio loud
			active galaxies

Day 4 (17/09/99)

Session 8: Cosmology, Extragalactic background

E. Pointecouteau	The Abell 2163 spectrum from infrared to millimeter
H. Dole			ISO FIRBACK survey at 170 microns
P. DeBernardis		BOOMERANG observations of the CBR

Session 9: Future Prospects

J. Tauber               Extended foreground emission with Planck
G. Pilbratt              Prospects of observing extended emission with FIRST

Session 10: Round the table discussion

Lessons learned for future work: new perspectives from this workshop

13:00   Closing