ISO Beyond Point Sources: Studies of extended infrared emission

(Sep 14-17, ESAC, Madrid, Spain)

Dear Workshop Participant,

Below we present the final programme of the workshop
"ISO beyond point sources: studies of extended emission".

Abstracts of the presentations can be found under:
Note that some abstracts have not been submitted yet.

We have arranged a bus shuttle service between El Escorial and VILSPA.
Please check also our webpage for the bus location in El Escorial and
its itinerary. The duration of the journey between El Escorial and VILSPA
is about 30 min.

A number of social events will take place: a workshop reception on Tuesday
evening and an excursion to the Deep Space Network station, which is
situated close to VILSPA, on Thursday followed by the conference
dinner in El Escorial. You can sign up during the workshop for the
excursion and/or dinner.

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The workshop organisation


Except for the introduction presented by F. Boulanger (35+10 min), all
scientific presentations will last 20 minutes plus 10 min discussion at

Day 1 (14/09/99)

Registration - until 14:00 am

14:00 V. Claros			Welcome from VILSPA Station Director
14:05 M.F. Kessler    		Workshop Opening from ISO Project Scientist

Session 1: Analysis of extended infrared emission

14:15 F. Boulanger*		Review: Extended source emission - what has
				been achieved among infrared instruments
15:00 K. Lehtinen		ISO, IRAS and COBE/DIRBE surface brightness
15:30 A. Salama			ISO Beamprofiles: Towards extended source

16:00 Tea/Coffee break

16:30 K. Okumura		The ISO point spread function and CAM
17:00 C. Lloyd			LWS fringing and beamprofile

18:00 Welcome drink and buffet at VILSPA
19:30 Bus leaves for El Escorial

Day 2 (15/09/99)

09:00 Bus leaves from El Escorial

09:30 T. Mueller		Aperture photometry with ISOPHOT
10:00 C. Gabriel		Map coadding and simulation techniques with
10:30 M.-A. Miville-Deschenes	New ISOCAM data reduction techniques for
				raster imaging of extended emission.
11:00 coffee break

11:30 J.-L. Starck		Object detection and deconvolution:
				a combined approach
12:00 T. Lim			LWS parallel mode: usage and first results
				+ demonstration

12:45 Workshop Picture and Guided tours around station
13:00 Lunch
Session 2: Extended objects in the Solar system

14:00 E. Holmes			ISO Observations of the Offset in the Center of
				Symmetry of the Zodiacal Cloud w.r.t. the Sun
14:30 P. Lamy			ISOCAM observations of Hale Bopp
15:00 S. Peschke		FIR mapping and radial profiles of Hale Bopp

15:30 Tea/Coffee

Session 3: Circumstellar Environment

16:00 S. Fajardo Acosta		ISOPHOT Mapping of Vega-type Circumstellar Dust
16:30 T. Le Bertre		Extended IR emission at proximity of Red Giants
17:00 A. Speck			Circumstellar dust around Post-AGB stars
17:30 P. Hennebelle		The ISOGAL Survey

18:30 Bus leaves for El Escorial

Day 3 (16/09/99)

09:00 Bus leaves from El Escorial

Session 4: Diffuse ISM

09:30 F. Boulanger		Spectroscopic observations extended emission
				with ISOCAM
10:00 M.-A. Miville-Deschenes	ISOCAM mapping of Galactic cirrus
10:30 M. Juvala			Cirrus spectra of low surface brightness regions
				based on ISOPHOT maps
11:00 Coffee

11:30 R.J. Laureijs		ISOPHOT observations of cirrus structures
12:00 C. Meny			Extended galactic emission and colour variations
				in the submillimeter range: PRONAOS results

Session 5: Resolved structures in the Galaxy

12:30 E. Caux			Large atomic oxygen abundance towards the
				molecular clouds L1689N and W49N from ISO-LWS

13:00 Lunch

14:00 K. Lehtinen		Far-infrared ISOPHOT observations of globules
14:30 J. Cernicharo		Infrared emission in high mass star forming
15:00 A. Abergel		ISOCAM Survey of star forming regions:
				Extended emission

15:30 Tea/coffee

Session 6: Resolving Galaxies

16:00 M. Braun			FIR mapping of the dwarf irregular galaxy
				UGCA 86
16:30 G.J. Bendo		Star Formation in a Magnitude-Limited Sample
				of Spiral Galaxies
17:00 S. Bianchi		ISO observations of spirals: Modeling the
				FIR emission
17:30 J. Rodriguez Espinosa	Extended FIR emission in Seyfert galaxies

Social Event
18:00	Excursion to the Deep Space Network station in Robledo de Chavela
21:00	Workshop dinner in El Escorial

Day 4 (17/09/99)

09:00 Bus leaves from El Escorial

Session 7: Cosmology, Extragalactic background

09:30 E. Pointecouteau		The Abell 2163 spectrum from infrared to
				millimeter wavelengths
10:00 H. Dole			The FIRBACK far-infrared cosmological survey
				with ISO
10:30 P. DeBernardis		BOOMERANG observations of the CBR

11:00 Coffee

Session 8: Future Prospects

11:30 J. Tauber			Extended foreground emission with Planck
12:00 G. Pilbratt		Prospects of observing extended emission with

Session 9: Round the table discussion

12:30 Lessons learned for future work: new perspectives from this workshop

13:00 Closing

*reading contribution from J.-L. Puget