ISO beyond the Peaks

(2-4 February 2000, ESAC)

List of posters

(Last update: 1 February 2000)

First author   Title of poster contribution
Ábrahám Péter Refinements of the calibration of ISOPHOT-S
Ali Babar NGC 7027: A comparison of ISOCAM CVF and ground-based mid-infared CVF images
Bachiller Rafael Anatomy of the Dumbbell Nebula
Castro-Carrizo Arancha Atomic fine-structure lines from Protoplanetary Nebulae
Chan Kin-Wing A Broad 22 Microns Emission Feature in the Carina Nebula H II region
Colangeli Luigi Comet comae by ISOCAM and ISOPHOT
Davis Gary R. LWS Measurements of HD in the Giant Planets
de Koter Alex Infrared Spectral Classification of O9-B2 stars with ISO-SWS
Demyk Karine Composition of the silicate dust around evolved stars and protostars
Fabian Dirk Laboratory Study of the Thermal Evolution of Amorphous Magnesium Silicates and Silica
Fossé David UIBs and carbon chains in IC 63
Fuente Asuncion ISO SWS-LWS  observations of the prototypical reflection nebula NGC 7023
Gehrz Robert D. The Last Mission in NASA's Great Observatories Series: The Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF)
Goicoechea Javier R. ISO detections of C3 and NH in Sgr B2
Güsten Rolf The next step: FIR heterodyne spectroscopy aboard SOFIA
Habart Emilie H2 infrared line emission from the bright side of the rho Ophiucus main cloud
Herpin Fabrice O-bearing Molecules in Carbon-rich Proto-Planetary Objects
Houck Jim The Infrared Spectrograph on SIRTF
Hrivnak Bruce J. ISO SWS Spectroscopy of Carbon-Rich Proto-Planetary Nebulae
Hutchinson Gerard Calibration of ISO LWS Fabry-Pérot Observations or 
ISO Spectral Observations of a few PMS stars
Jones Hugh Water vapour in cool dwarfs
Josselin Eric ISO observations of the Dumbbell Nebula
Kemper Ciska Dust shells of OH/IR stars
Kerschbaum Franz On the Mineralogy of Oxygen-rich AGB variables
Kester Do The Impact of Memory Effects Correction on SWS Data
Lahuis Fred C2H2 and HCN towards massive YSO's
Landsman Wayne An ISO/SWS survey of O-Rich AGB stars
Leech Kieron [CII] 158 µm observations of a sample of late-type galaxies from the Virgo cluster
Lenorzer Anique IR Spectral Classification of OB-type stars
Leto Giuseppe ISO LWS-SWS Observation of IRAS 19120+1103
Loidl Rita Probing the outer atmosphere of carbon stars - C2 H2, HCN and C3 features in the SWS range
Loidl Rita Comparison of ISO spectra with models of carbon-rich AGB stars
Martín-Pintado Jesus Ionized bubbles in the Galactic Center
Mizutani Masahiko Origin of [SiII] 35um and [CII] 158um emission in the Carina nebula
Moneti Andrea Cold H2O and CO ice and gas toward the Galactic  Center
Müller Thomas ISO Observations of Bright Asteroids with PHT-S
Najarro Francisco Quantitative Spectroscopy of Hot Stars with ISO
Noriega-Crespo Alberto ISO spectroscopy of Outflows and YSOs
Onaka Takashi Astro-F: Infrared Imaging Surveyor (IRIS) Mission
Palacios Javier ISO-SWS data on proto-planetary systems candidates
Pezzuto Stefano A simple approach to LWS memory effects description
Philipp Sabine SWS Spectroscopy of the Galactic Center Sickle (G0.18-0.04)
Pierini Daniele Far-IR line emission from normal late-type galaxies
Polehampton Edward Recovery of Non-Prime Fabry-Pérot Data in the LWS
Rodríguez-Fernández Nemesio J. Non-equilibrium H2 ortho-to-para ratio in two  molecular clouds of the Galactic Center
Salas J. Bernard The ISO-SWS Spectrum of Planetary Nebula NGC7027
Shipman Russell The Dutch ISO Data Analysis Centre
Siódmiak N. SWS spectra of planetary nebulae with [WR] nuclei
Spinoglio Luigi ISO spectroscopy of Seyfert galaxies: fine structure line detections in seven galaxies
Spoon Henrik Mid-infrared ISO Spectroscopy of NGC 4945
Szczerba Ryszard Carbon stars with OH maser emission
Tsuji Takashi Red Supergiant Stars: Infrared Spectra and their Modeling
van der Hucht Karel A. Neon abundances in Wolf-Rayet stars
Van Kerckhoven Caroline A new emission plateau from 15-20 µm
Vastel Charlotte ISO-LWS high resolution [OI] lines observations towards W49N and L1689N
Vastel Charlotte ISO-LWS high resolution OH lines observations towards W49N
Verstraete Laurent The Aromatic Infrared Bands as seen by ISO-SWS: probing the PAH model
Volk Kevin Shapes of Dust Features in Carbon-Rich Sources
Walker Helen Carbon stars with ISO - spectra and spectral variations
White Glenn ISO LWS survey of the Galactic Centre and nearby clouds
White Glenn L1551 IRS5 - LWS, SWS and ground based spectroscopy of the canonical molecular outflow source.
Wright Gillian Comparison of ground based observations of dust features in galaxies and ISO data