ISO beyond the Peaks

(2-4 February 2000, ESAC)

                          ISO BEYOND THE PEAKS
             The 2nd ISO workshop on analytical spectroscopy 
                           2-4 February 2000
                            ISO Data Centre
                       Villafranca del Castillo
                             Madrid, Spain
                          Final Announcement

    Dear workshop participant,

We present below some latest information about the workshop.

	1) Venue
	2) Transportation
	3) Social Events
	4) Registration
	5) Programme
	6) Proceedings
In order to ensure the best planning of the workshop, we ask you to fill in
the attached short form, and send it at your earliest convenience to

Looking forward seeing you at the workshop,

Best regards,

    Alberto Salama
    ISO Beyond The Peaks

  ISO beyond the Peaks Workshop

  Please send this filled-in form to


    Arrival Time:

  Departure Time:

      Hotel name:

  Transportation:    I will be hiring a car           [ ]
                     I will use the conference bus    [ ]

If giving a talk:    I will use only transparencies   [ ]
                     I will need a slide projector    [ ]
		     I will need a PC projector       [ ]

  Other comments:


1) Venue
We originally planned to hold the meeting on-site at ESA's Satellite Tracking
station in Villafranca. However, the meeting has proved very popular, with
about 130 people registering. This is more than the station can comfortably
accommodate, especially in parallel to XMM's commissioning. Thus, rather than
restrict attendance, we have decided to move the workshop off-site to a nearby
civic centre, around 1 km distance from the tracking station.

The workshop will now take place at the 

	Centro Civico "El Castillo"
	c/ Valle de Esteribar s/n
	Villafranca del Castillo
	28692 MADRID
On the conference web site a telephone number will be posted shortly,
where messages can be left during conference hours for participants. 
All activities related to the workshop will be made there, including lunches.

A map showing the workshop venue is available at:

The conference will take place in the theatre located in the Centre. 
Posters will be displayed just outside the room (Maximum size allowed: 
A0 (1.2m height X 0.9 m width). There will be two viewgraph projectors
for the talks. A slide and PC projector will also be available on request.

2) Transportation
A free bus service will be available from the Hotel Florida Norte in Madrid
(cf. 2nd Announcement) to/from the workshop venue, to/from the conference
dinner and to the airport at the end of the workshop. For best planning, 
please send us the filled-in form.

3) Social Events
A welcome buffet will be offered to the workshop participants at the VILSPA
tracking station on the evening of the first day, at 18:00, followed by
a tour through the station, including the XMM control room.

On the second day, a conference dinner will be served at the restaurant

	Monte Alina
	Ctra. Pozuelo a Boadilla del Monte
	Urbanizacion Monte Alina
The dinner will be followed by a flamenco show.

A map showing the restaurant location is available at:
A free bus service will be available from/to the restaurant to the hotel.

4) Registration
The registration will be done at the workshop venue on February 2, 
between 9:00 and 9:30. Participants will be given a hand-out with logistic
information, lunch/dinner menus, the final Programme, a copy of the conference 
poster and the Abstracts book.

No registration fee will be charged. 

Lunches will be available for a flat rate of 1000 ptas (6 Euros) per day.

The conference dinner price (incl. the flamenco show) will around 7000 ptas
(42 Euros).

5) Programme
The final programme, including bus times and social events is available at:

6) Proceedings
The Proceedings will be published in the ESA Special Publications series
(SP-456) within about six months of the meeting. In order to meet this 
schedule, the deadline for the camera-ready manuscripts is set to 15
March 2000. A LaTeX template for the papers will be made available
through the workshop WWW site prior to the meeting. The maximum length
of a contribution is set to 6 pages for invited talks and 4 pages for
contributed talks and posters. A copy of the Proceedings will be sent to
each participant.

Send your questions to