ISO beyond the Peaks

(2-4 February 2000, ESAC)
                             ISO BEYOND THE PEAKS
                The 2nd ISO workshop on analytical spectroscopy 
                       with SWS, LWS, PHT-S and CAM-CVF
			      2-4 February 2000
                               ISO Data Centre
                          Villafranca del Castillo
                                Madrid, Spain
This is the first announcement for a workshop which will be held at the 
Data Centre of the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) in Villafranca del 
Castillo near Madrid (Spain) from February 2 to 4, 2000.

The scientific programme of the workshop is aimed at highlighting theoretical 
and empirical methods impacting the detailed analyses and interpretation of 
ISO spectra, and assessing the data quality and calibrations. This workshop 
is the second in a series initiated with the successful "First ISO Workshop 
on Analytical Spectroscopy", held in October 1997, in which 100 astronomers 
gathered in Villafranca to discuss ISO observations and associated scientific 
interpretation, 2 years into the ongoing mission.

This second workshop will take place at a time when all ISO data will have 
entered the public domain. One aim of the workshop will be to review the 
current ISO spectroscopy heritage. This will not only encourage further 
scientific work on the ISO data themselves but will also benefit the 
preparation of future missions such as SIRTF, FIRST, SOFIA, NGST, etc. 
Another aim of the workshop is to assist in establishing the final goals for 
the ISO archive phase and in defining the end products.

Without specific orientation of programme topics towards object class, a
broad range of observational and theoretical branches relevant to ISO will 
be covered through interaction on the availability and application of 
analytical tools, reference data, laboratory studies, and spectral 
identifications. Topics may include, but are not limited to: planetary 
models; hot and cool stellar atmosphere and wind models, and grids of 
models; photoionization, spectral synthesis; circumstellar and interstellar 
dust features; dust in planetary environments; the diffuse ISM; optical 
depth effects and estimation; laboratory studies and line lists; ices and  
unidentified IR features; PDRs; molecular line modeling and data 
interpretation; and data reduction techniques for optimizing scientific 
output from standard data products. 

Particular emphasis will be given on the cross-calibration between ISO
spectrometers and other facilities, referring to continuum issues as well as 
line ratios, beam size corrections, etc.

As for its predecessor, it is intended that the proceedings of this workshop 
will be published as an ESA-SP publication.

If you are interested in participating the workshop please fill in the form
attached to this email and return it to              before  1 September 1999

We will send out a second announcement in September 1999 which includes 
detailed information on logistics, a tentative workshop agenda, and a list of 
invited speakers. 


Scientific Organising Committee:

P. Abraham (MPIA), J. Cernicharo (IEM), D. Cesarsky (IAS), P. Clegg (QMWC), 
M. Cohen (Un. Berkeley), Th. Encrenaz (Obs. Paris), Th. de Graauw (SRON),
G. Helou (IPAC), L. d'Hendecourt (IAS),  M. Kessler (IDC) - co-chair, 
D. Lutz (MPE), P. Morris (Un. Amsterdam), A. Salama (IDC) - chair, 
J. Stutzki (Un. Koeln), Ch. Waelkens (KUL)

Local Organising Committee:

M. Breitfellner, M. Burgdorf, P. Garcia-Lario, C. Gry, M. F. Kessler 
(co-chair), K. Leech, J. Matagne, Th. Mueller, A. Salama (chair), B. Schulz, 
J. Villanueva, A. Willis 

   ISO Data Centre,
   Villafranca del Castillo Satellite Tracking Station
   Apartado 50727, 28080 Madrid (Spain)


If you are interested in the workshop, please return the following
questionnaire to before 1 September 1999.
We will keep you on the mailing list.

1)  Name:                          
    Mailing address:
2)  Are you interested in participating in the Workshop?

3)  Are you willing to give a presentation of your work during the 
    workshop? Can you give a title?

4)  Additional remarks/wishes: