ISOPHOT Workshop on P32 Oversampled Mapping

(Feb 12-16 and Mar 12-16, 2001 ESAC, Madrid, Spain)
(Mar 26-30, 2001, IPAC, USA)

Instructions to authors

The proceedings of the "ISOPHOT Workshop on P32 Oversampled Mapping" will be published in ESA special publication series (SP-482). All papers must be written using the designated LaTeX macros and submitted electronically.

The maximum number of pages per paper are 4 pages. A need for more pages for lecture talks must be agreed with the editors.

There is a strict deadline of 04 May 2001 for the receipt of papers for inclusion in the proceedings.

In order to prepare your paper, you need to download (SHIFT-CLICK) the files template.tex and ISOStyle.cls. The first file is a template with technical instructions and the second is the LaTeX document class to be used. Please do not use other style files. You may wish to retrieve the file which is the postscript file of template.tex and shows the resulting layout as an example.

Name your contributions using your name and initial and number in case you have several contributions. E.g. John Smith with two papers would have files SmithJ1.tex for the input file and for the output file of the first article and SmithJ1_1.eps, SmithJ1_2.eps, SmithJ1_3.eps, etc. for the figures. For the second article the files will be SmithJ2.tex, and the figures SmithJ2_1.eps, SmithJ2_2.eps, SmithJ2_3.eps.

Once your paper is finalized you should upload the complete source (i.e. the input LaTeX file, the output Postscript file and the figures in Encapsulated Postscript (eps) format to our ftp server.

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ISO helpdesk