ISOPHOT Workshop on P32 Oversampled Mapping

(Feb 12-16 and Mar 12-16, 2001 ESAC, Madrid, Spain)
(Mar 26-30, 2001, IPAC, USA)

ISOPHOT Workshop on PHT32 Oversampled Mapping: 

Dear Participant,

we are happy to inform you that you have been scheduled 
for the P32 workshop as follows:

VILSPA 1 (12-16 February 2001)        
Angela Speck          
Kieron Leech          
Timo Prusti           
Slawomir K. Gorny     
Philip Richards       
Helen Walker          

VILSPA 2 (12-16 March 2001)           
Ronny Blomme          
Hideyuki Izumiura     
Joseph L. Hora        
Etienne Pointecouteau 
Francois Sibille      
Viktor Toth           
Randolf Klein         

Please confirm your participation at these dates before
17 of January 2001. We will start with the lectures of 
each workshop on Monday at 10:00 am and conclude each
meeting on Friday at 16:00 pm.

The software will be made available to you by 17 of January.
Note that this is also the deadline for hotel reservations.
Please contact Ana Willis for reservations

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Your P32 Workshop Organizing Committee

C. Gabriel
R. Laureijs 
N. Lu
J. Matagne
S. Peschke
B. Schulz   (Chair) 
R. Tuffs
A. Willis