ISOPHOT Workshop on P32 Oversampled Mapping

(Feb 12-16 and Mar 12-16, 2001 ESAC, Madrid, Spain)
(Mar 26-30, 2001, IPAC, USA)

Workshop on processing PHT32 oversampled maps

VILSPA......February 12-16
IPAC........March (TBD)

Organizing Committee:

C. Gabriel
R. Laureijs 
N. Lu
J. Matagne
B. Schulz   (Chair) 
R. Tuffs

During the ISO mission, the ISOPHOT instrument has collected more than
1100 observations in oversampled mapping mode (AOT PHT32) in the
wavelength range of 45 to 240 microns. The observations comprise mapping
of small and large extended regions, but also faint point sources. In this
case the mapping approach was adopted in order to minimize confusion

PHT32 observations are still not scientifically validated because of
strong signal transients due to flux changes generated by the relatively
fast chopper movement.

An algorithm has been developed at MPI Kernphysik (Heidelberg), supported
by the VILSPA ISO Data Centre, which can correct for the transients in 
PHT32 measurements. This program is being integrated in the ISOPHOT 
Interactive Analysis (PIA) so that most aspects of the  processing can 
be addressed in a coherent and user friendly environment.

We are still in the process of testing this algorithm, which is highly
interactive and requires a considerable level of expertise from the user.
However, we feel that the first results are encouraging.

Since the algorithm cannot be released with a large amount of initial
support, hands-on workshops on PHT32 processing will be organized. During
such a workshop ISOPHOT experts will give presentations on procedures and
will tutor the workshop participants through the processing of their

Aspiring workshop participants will receive a copy of the software several
weeks before the meeting which will enable them to familiarize themselves
with the software package and with ISOPHOT data processing in general.
Participants are encouraged to come with some basic ISOPHOT data reduction
experience. The ISO archive ( will provide
material to support preparation in form of observational data,
documentation and a dedicated web page for workshop participants.

The first workshop will be held in VILSPA immediately after "The
Calibration Legacy of the ISO Mission Conference" in order to minimize
travel expenses for persons who wish to attend both meetings. No workshop
fee will be required. A similar workshop will be organized at IPAC
(Caltech) for the US community shortly afterwards.

Workshop proceedings will be written. These proceedings will serve as a
processing reference as well as a repository of (typical) science cases
produced by the workshop attendants. 

We reserve one week for the duration of the workshop, to allow for basic
acquaintance and advanced studies of the data. Due to the limited
availability of powerful computers, we cap the attendance per workshop to
10 persons. If demand is higher, we will organize more workshops.

If you are interested, please return the lower part of this email to:

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Questionnaire for planning the PHT 32 Workshop





I would like to be on the mailing list only. ( )

I would like to attend the workshop

	 at VILSPA ( )     at IPAC (US user) ( )

During the workshop I intend to process data from 

   my own proposal ( )   the general archive ( )

I have a unix machine with IDL5.x license (Yes) (No)

I have already experience in ISOPHOT data reduction (Yes) (No)

Preferred date if considering the VILSPA Workshop (if not 
     immediately after the Calibration Legacy Conference).


Preferred week in March 2001 if considering the IPAC workshop.


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