ISOPHOT Interactive Analysis (PIA)

PHT-Interactive Analysis Development Team

The PHT Interactive Analysis was developed in team-work. The team was composed by people from different organisations located at different sites:

ACTUAL members

Carlos Gabriel

European Space Agency, Astrophysics Division (ESA/VILSPA-SAI) - Spain

Architectural design, team direction, S/W main coding.

Responsible for the PIA development team since its creation in April 1994, continuing througout the mission. Location: now VILSPA, Spain.

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FORMER members

Jose Acosta

Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC) - Tenerife, Spain
Implementation/extension of several calibration processing sequences.

Within the PIA development team from January 1996 until June 1999 [but still collaborating]. Location: Tenerife, Spain

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Ingolf Heinrichsen

Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics (MPIK) - Germany (left to IPAC, Pasadena, USA)

Documentation, S/W testing, implementation of focal plane geometry analysis.

Within the PIA development team from April 1995 to April 1998. Location: VILSPA, Spain.

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Detlef Skaley

Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics (MPIK) - Heidelberg, Germany (left to Max-Planck Institute for Radioastronomy, MPIR, Bonn)

Design and coding of mapping S/W, special plot routines.

Within the PIA development from Mai 1994 to March 1995. Location: Heidelberg, Germany

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Wai Ming Tai

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) - Ireland

System work, calibration files I/O, html implementations.

Within the PIA development team since July 1994 until December 1996. Location: Dublin, Ireland.

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Huw Morris

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (DRAL) - United Kingdom

Processing algorithms implementation.

(Very shy. For evident reasons rejected to deliver a photograph of himself)

Within the PIA development team from July 1994 to February 1996. Location: Chilton, UK.

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Paola Merluzzi

Astronomical Institute Potsdam (AIP) - Potsdam, Germany

Serendipity Mode Analysis first implementation.

Within the PIA development team from April 1995 to April 1996. Location: Potsdam, Germany.

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Several people have contributed to the PIA development through ideas, requirements, routines. It is a pleasure to thank the PHT Instrument Dedicated Team members Ulrich Kinkel and Ulrich Klaas (Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg, MPIA), Rene Laureijs and Bernhard Schulz (ESA/VILSPA-SAI). We thank also Joseph Schubert, Stephan Bogun and Manfred Stickel (MPIA), Richard Tuffs (MPIK), and the two students Andreas Karch and Thorsten Reimann. A special mention deserves helpers in the "documentation front": Martin Haas, Uwe Herbstmeier, Alison Rushworth, Kirsten Kunkel and Karsten Wilke (MPIA).