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Martin F. Kessler$^{1,2}$, Thomas G. Müller$^{1,4}$, Kieron Leech $^{1}$, Christophe Arviset$^{1}$, Pedro García-Lario$^{1}$, Leo Metcalfe$^{1}$, Andy M. T. Pollock$^{1,3}$, Timo Prusti$^{1,2}$ and Alberto Salama$^{1}$

SAI-2000-035/Dc, Version 2.0

November, 2003

$^{1}$ ISO Data Centre, Science Operations and Data Systems Division
  Research and Scientific Support Department of ESA,
  Villafranca del Castillo, P.O. Box 50727, E-28080 Madrid, Spain
$^{2}$ ESTEC, Science Operations and Data Systems Division
  Research and Scientific Support Department of ESA,
  Keplerlaan 1, Postbus 299, 2200 AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands
$^{3}$ Computer & Scientific Co. Ltd.,
  230 Graham Road, Sheffield S10 3GS, England
$^{4}$ Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik,
  Giessenbachstraße, D-85748 Garching, Germany

Document Information

Document:		 The ISO Handbook
Volume:			 I
Title:			 ISO - Mission & Satellite Overview
Reference Number:	 SAI/2000-035/Dc
Issue:			 Version 2.0
Issue Date:		 November 2003
Authors:		 M.F. Kessler, T. Müller, K. Leech et al. 
Editors:		 T. Müller, J. Blommaert & P. García-Lario 
Web-Editor:		 J. Matagne

Document History

The ISO Handbook, Volume I: ISO - Mission & Satellite Overview is mainly based on the following documents:

Additional documents are listed in the bibliography chapter. Most of the documents are available in electronic format from the ISO web page:

Document Change Record

Date Revision Comments
07/07/00 Draft 1.0 Initial Draft for comments
01/11/00 Version 1.0 First Version of the ISO Handbook, Volume I:
    ISO - Mission Overview
31/07/01 Version 1.1 update
31/12/01 Version 1.2 Merging with the Satellite Handbook
    (previously Volume II) and update
19/11/03 Version 2.0 update, printed version



During the history of ISO, countless engineers and scientists have contributed to its development, launch and operation and scientific use. Without their expertise, enthusiasm, dedication, professionalism and sheer hard work, the success of ISO, the results discussed in many scientific articles and the data contained in the archive would not have been possible. The following pages list the names of many of these individuals. We apologize to any of who may have been inadvertently omitted. The ISO Handbook has been written on their behalf and serves, we hope, as a testament to their efforts.

Wim Aalders SWS  
Alain Abergel ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
Jack Abolins ISOPHOT RAL
Peter Ábrahám ISOPHOT PHT Team
José Acosta Pulido SOC PIDT
Juan José Adán TOS/GMV - INSA  
Peter Ade LWS  
Patrick Agnese ISOCAM Collaborator
Mattew Ahier ESOC-Software Logica
Michela Alberti-Merri ESOC-Software TOS-GCI/Logicasiel
Günter Albrecht ISOPHOT Zeiss
Francisco Alcaraz TOS/OV-INSA  
Godfrey Alexander ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONC/Thorn
Ricardo Alonso TOS/OV-INSA  
María Teresa Alonso TOS/OV-INSA  
Bruno Altieri SOC CIDT
Jürgen Altmann ISOPHOT Zeiss
Rubén Álvarez TOS/OV-INSA  
Manfred Amann ISOPHOT Dornier
Dieter Amend ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONN
Ángel Anaya TOS/OV-INSA  
Michel Anderegg IST Project
Immo Appenzeller OTAC  
Tomás Aragonés TOS/OV-INSA  
Birgit Arkestijn SOC S/W dev- U
Christiane Armand LWS LIDT
José Antonio Arteaga TOS/OV-INSA  
Christophe Arviset SOC  
Jacques Audric SOC  
Jean-Louis Augueres ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
Hervé Aussel ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
Debbi Backhaus SOC SOST
Eliseo Balaguer Project  
Cristiano Baldoni ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/Vitrociset
Jean-Paul Baluteau LWS OTAC/LIST
Christian Bambula ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Mary Ellen Barba IPAC  
Xavier Barcons OTAC  
Lothar Barl SWS MPE
Mike Barlow OTAC LIST
Paul Barr SOC  
Michael Barrett ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONN
David Bass SOC S/W dev- U
Hans Peter Batroff ISOPHOT Zeiss
Alan Batten ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
Otto H. Bauer SWS MPE
Harald Baumgartner SWS MPE
Kurt Becher SWS MPE
Ron Beck IPAC  
Steven Beckwith ISOPHOT MPIA
Lars Behrend ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
Chas Beichman IPAC  
Douwe Beintema SWS SIDT
Heinrich Bellemann ISOPHOT MPIA
Jean Beresne ISOCAM Collaborator
Jean-Claude Berges LWS LIST
Jan Berkhout Project  
Neil Berry SOC S/W dev- U
Johann Bestler ISOPHOT Dornier
Peter Biermann OTAC  
Andrea Biviano ISOCAM CIDT/Collaborator
Jaime Blanco TOS/OV-INSA  
David Bleakley ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OF
Joris Blommaert SOC CIDT/Collaborator
Nicolas Bobrinsky ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONN
Stefan Bogun ISOPHOT PHT Team
Catherine Boisson OTAC  
Antoni Bolagistua TOS/OV-INSA  
Wolfgang Bollinger ISOPHOT Zeiss
Reinhold Bolz ISOPHOT Antec
Jean Francois Bonnal ISOCAM Collaborator
Sylvain Bontemps ISOCAM Collaborator
Albert-Jan Boonstra SWS SRON-Utrecht
Ken Booty ESOC-Sim (ex Anite)
Fabio Bortoletto ISOCAM Collaborator
Ignacio Botana TOS/OV-INSA  
André Bouere ISOCAM Collaborator
Olivier Boulade ISOCAM CIDT/Collaborator
Francois Boulanger ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
John Bowers ESOC-Software Logica
Danny Boxhoorn SWS SIDT
Huib Braafhart SWS SRON-Utrecht
Jim Brauher IPAC  
Michael Braun ISOPHOT PIDT
Michel Breitfellner SOC  
Walter Breitling ISOPHOT Dornier
Christine Breneol SOC  
Kurt Brenner ISOPHOT Zeiss
Francine van Bruggen Project  
Jon Brumfitt SOC  
Mark Buckley LWS LIST
Guillermo Buenadicha ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/INSA
Valentín Bujarrabal OTAC  
Martin Burgdorf SOC LIDT
Maria Busetta SOC SOST
Marko Butkovic ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Heiko Bäurle ISOPHOT Zeiss
Pedro Calderón TOS/OV-INSA  
Cristina Calderón TOS/OV-INSA  
Fuencisla Camargo TOS/OV-INSA  
Octavio Camino-Ramos ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONN
Richard Carr SOC  
Santos Carretero TOS/OV-INSA  
David Carter SOC  
Mauro Casale ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC
Hector Castañeda ISOPHOT PIDT
Francisco Javier Castro TOS/GMV-INSA  
Peter Catterall ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONC/Tecnodata
Emmanuel Caux LWS LIST
Cecilia Ceccarelli LWS LIST
José Cernicharo OTAC LWS
Ricardo Cerulli LWS  
Catherine Cesarsky IST CIST
Jean-Paul Chabaud LWS  
José Chamorro TOS/OV-INSA  
Neil Cheek ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/Serco
Uwe Christ ESOC-Software TOS-GME
Sarah Church LWS LIST
Peter Claes SOC  
Arnaud Claret ISOCAM CIDT/Collaborator
Valeriano Claros TOS/OV  
Jean Clavel SOC  
Peter Clegg IST LIST
Mike Clendining ESOC-Software (ex TOS-GCI)
Martin Cohen Calibration  
Francoise Combes OTAC  
Jim Condon OTAC  
Angioletta Coradini OTAC  
Angel Corbasí TOS/OV-INSA  
Linda Cornwall ISOPHOT PIDT
Carlos Correia LWS LIST
Francis Cotin LWS  
Matthew Couch ESOC-Software TOS-GLI/Logica
Peter Coulter SOC  
Pierre Cox LWS LIST
Jacky Cretolle ISOCAM Collaborator
Anthony Crowson ESOC-Software TOS-OGC/Anite
Paul Cruvellier LWS  
Stephan Czempiel SWS MPE
Francesca D'Antona OTAC  
Luigi Danese OTAC  
John Danziger OTAC  
John K. Davies ISOCAM Collaborator
Gary Davis LWS LIST
Catherine de Bergh OTAC  
Franck de Bruin SOC S/W dev- U
Marcus de Deus Silva SOC  
Thijs de Graauw IST  
Piet de Groene SWS SRON-Utrecht
Raquel de la Cruz TOS/GMV-INSA  
Antonio de la Fuente TOS/GMV-INSA  
Rob de la Rie SWS SRON-Utrecht
Francisco Javier de Miguel TOS/GMV-INSA  
Daniel de Pablo TOS/GMV  
Shuji Deguchi OTAC  
Matt Delaney ISOCAM CIDT-Associated
Christophe Deletrez LWS  
Emilio Deleyto TOS/OV-INSA  
Fabienne Delhaise ESOC-FD TOS-GFI/EDS
Francois-Xavier Désert ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
Anna di Giorgio LWS LIDT
Pierre Didelon ISOCAM CIST
Bart Dierickx ISOPHOT IMEC
Trevor Dimbylow LWS  
Peter Dinges ISOPHOT Antec
Brian Diplock LWS  
Stephen Dodsworth ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC
Henk Doedens SWS SRON-Groningen
Jürgen Dohm ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF
Rhona Donald SOC  
Stefan Dornheim ISOPHOT Zeiss
Eric Doumayrou ISOCAM Collaborator
John Dowson SOC  
Siegfied Drapatz SWS MPE
Gilbert Drechsel SOC  
Frank Dreger ESOC-FD TOS-GFO
Duncan Drummond LWS LIST
Cees du Maine SWS SRON-Utrecht
Eric Dunford LWS  
Hervé Dzitko ISOCAM CIST
Derek Eaton Project  
Ricardo J. Ebert IPAC  
Albert Ebert ISOPHOT Zeiss
Andreas Efstathiou ISOPHOT PHT Team
David Elbaz ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
Martin Ellam ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Hans Elsässer ISOPHOT MPIA
Roger Emery LWS LIST
Thérese Encrenaz IST OTAC
Jean Jacques Engelmann ISOCAM Collaborator
Gérard Epstein ISOCAM Collaborator
Pierre Estaria Project  
Colin Evans ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Jaap Evers SWS SRON-Groningen
David Ewart LWS LIDT
Dario Fadda ISOCAM Collaborator
Jürgen Fälker ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC
Alan Falla ESOC-CompOps TOS-GMC/Serco
Yuhong Fan SOC CIDT
Jorge Fauste TOS/OV-INSA  
Jürgen Fay ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF
Rudolf Faymonville ISOPHOT Antec
Reiner Felten ISOPHOT Antec
María Teresa Fernández TOS/OV-INSA  
J. Manuel Fernández Cuena TOS/OV-INSA  
Helmut Feuchtgruber SWS SIDT
Harald Feuer ISOPHOT Dornier
Jacqueline Fisher LWS LIST
Renée Fontaine SOC  
Luc Fraiture ESOC-FD (ex FDD/ESA)
Jürgen Frank ISOPHOT Dornier
Danny Frederickx ISOPHOT IMEC
Otto Frenzl ISOPHOT Antec
Martin Frericks SWS SRON-Utrecht
Wolfgang Fricke ISOPHOT Dornier
Ian Furniss LWS LIST
Carlos Gabriel SOC PIDT
Pascal Gallais ISOCAM CIDT/Collaborator
Carlos Gallo TOS/OV-INSA  
Fernando Gallo TOS/OV-INSA  
Kevin Galloway SOC ESOC-Software
Ken Ganga IPAC  
Arturo García TOS/OV-INSA  
Carlos García TOS/OV-INSA  
Faustino García TOS/OV-INSA  
Pedro García-Lario SOC SOST/IDC
Francisco Garzón ISOPHOT IAC
Rene Gastaud ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
Hans-Peter Gemünd ISOPHOT MPIfR
Reinhard Genzel SWS OTAC
Juan-Carlos Gil ESOC-Software GMV/Logica
Patrick Gladney ESOC-FD TOS-GFS/CR
Bill Glencross LWS  
Nick Godfrey ESOC-ComOps TOS-GMC/Serco
Paul Godfrey ESOC-ComOps TOS-GMC/Serco
Werner Goebel SWS MPE
Hans Golstein SWS SRON-Groningen
Pedro Gómez Cambronero TOS/OV-INSA  
Salvador González TOS/OV-INSA  
Michel Gorisse ISOCAM Collaborator
Ron van Gorp Project  
Naoteru Gouda SOC  
Hans Goulooze SWS SRON-Utrecht
Peter Gray LWS  
Matt Greenhouse LWS  
Derek Greer SOC  
Matt Griffin LWS LIST
Phil Griffiths LWS  
Harry Gritter SWS  
Amanda Grunes SOC  
Ulrich Grözinger ISOPHOT PHT Team
Eberhard Grün ISOPHOT MPIK
Steve Guest ISOCAM CIDT/Collaborator
Bernard Guillaume Project  
Jean-Jaques Gujer ESOC-Sim TOS-GMS
Theo Gunsing SWS SRON-Utrecht
Vippin Gupta ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
Bengt Gustafsson OTAC  
Hans Göhringer ISOPHOT Zeiss
Joachim Gürtler ISOPHOT Friedrich S
Arnt Haaland ESOC-Network Operations (ex TOS-OFS)
Martin Haas ISOPHOT PHT Team
Harm Habing IST  
Peter Hackel ISOPHOT Zeiss
Gerhard Haerendel SWS MPE
Christian Hajduk ISOPHOT PHT Team
Peter Hammersley Calibration ISOPHOT
Mark Hampson ESOC-Software Logica
Lars Hansson SOC  
Phil Harper ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/Vega
Michael Harr ISOPHOT Antec
Booth Hartley IPAC  
Gernot Hartmann ISOPHOT DLR
Martin Harwit IST  
Andrew Harwood LWS LIDT
Leo Haser SWS MPE
Adam Hazell SOC  
Angela Head ESOC-Software TOS-GMS
Peter Heal Project  
Norbert Heinecke SWS MPE
Ingolf Heinrichsen ISOPHOT PIDT
Danielle Heinzer ESOC-ComOps TOS-GMC
Hannelore Heissler ISOPHOT MPIA
George Helou IST  
Peter Henneberg ISOPHOT Zeiss
Thomas Henning ISOPHOT Friedrich S
Ana Heras SOC SIDT
Edgar Herbst ISOPHOT Dornier
Uwe Herbstmeier ISOPHOT PHT Team
Domingo Hermoso ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/INSA
José Hernández SOC  
Silvia Hernández SOC  
Ottmar Hertel ISOPHOT Antec
Astrid Heske SOC  
Steven Hickey ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
Phil Hingston LWS  
Hans Hippelein ISOPHOT MPIA
Reinhard Hofacker ISOPHOT MPIK
Hermann Hohl ISOPHOT Zeiss
John Holmes LWS  
Hilary Hope IPAC  
Wim Horinga SWS SRON-Groningen
Alan Hughes SOC  
Rik Huygen SWS KU-Leuven
Manfred von Högen Project  
Danielle Imbault ISOCAM Collaborator
Freek van Ingen Project  
Herman Jacobs SWS SRON-Utrecht
Gerd Jakob SWS MPE
Guy Janin ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFA
Wim Jansen SWS SRON-Utrecht
Alex Jeanes SOC ESOC-Software
Neil Jenkins SOC  
Per Jensen ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF
Annelies José-Veldkamp SWS SRON-Utrecht
Martine Joubert LWS LIST
Marie Jourdain de Muizon Calibration  
Blanca Juárez ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/INSA
Joachim Junghans ISOPHOT Zeiss
Amanda Kaas ISOCAM Collaborator
Aman Kabir ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF
Norbert Kamm SWS MPE
Theo Kamperman SWS SRON-Utrecht
Reinhard Katterloher SWS MPE
Kimiaki Kawara SOC SOST
Hartmut Kehrer ESOC-ComOps TOS-GMC/Serco
Uwe Keller OTAC  
Martin Kessler IST SOC
Iffat Khan IPAC  
Sabine Kielbassa ESOC-FD TOS-GFI/EDS
Ulrich Kinkel ISOPHOT PIDT
Wolfgang Klück ISOPHOT Antec
Mary Koksvik SOC  
Bernard Komasa ESOC-ComOps TOS-GMC
Sasha Konechni SOC S/W dev- U
Mihseh Kong IPAC  
Adriaan Koning SWS  
Axel Koppe ISOPHOT Dornier
Thilo Kranz ISOPHOT PHT Team
Rainer Kresken ESOC-FD TOS-GF/EDS
Ernst Kreysa ISOPHOT MPIfR
Anders Krogvig ESOC-Sim TOS-GMS
Wolfgang Krätschmer ISOPHOT MPIK
Harald Krüger ISOPHOT PHT Team
Heribert Krüger ISOPHOT Antec
Henk Kuiper SWS  
Michael Kunkel ISOPHOT PHT Team
Dietmar Kunze SWS MPE
Hans Köppen ISOPHOT Zeiss
Fred Lahuis SWS SIDT
David Lambert OTAC  
David Landriu ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
Stephen Lane ESOC-ComOps TOS-GMC/SSL
Jacques Lapegue ISOCAM Collaborator
Tomás Lara TOS/OV-INSA  
Gary Lattimer ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Rene Laureijs SOC PIDT
Olivier Laurent ISOCAM CIST
Kieron Leech SOC SIDT
Sarah Leeks LWS LIST
Koos Leertouwer Project  
Alain Léger LWS  
Hansjörg Lehle ISOPHOT Zeiss
Christoph Leinert ISOPHOT MPIA
Dietrich Lemke IST  
Peter Lemke ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ON
Ludovic Lemonon ISOCAM CIST
Werner Lenz ISOPHOT Dornier
Rafael León TOS/OV-INSA  
James Lequeux OTAC  
Klaus Lethaus ISOPHOT Dornier
Deborah Levine IPAC  
Jing Li IPAC  
Jean Li Kam Ti SOC S/W dev- U
Kate Lidiard LWS  
Tanya Lim LWS LIDT
Dominic Lindars ESOC-Software Logica
Michael Linden-Voernle ISOPHOT PIDT
Reinhard Link ISOPHOT Zeiss
Ton Linssen Project  
Rene Liseau LWS  
Anne Litzelmann ISOPHOT Zeiss
Xiaowei Liu LWS LIST
Álvaro Llorente TOS/OV-INSA  
Santiago Llorente ESOC-ComOps TOS-GMC
Antonio Lobato TOS/GMV-INSA  
Tim Lock SOC  
Diane Locke IPAC  
Hans Loidl SWS MPE
Judy Long LWS LIST
Pedro López TOS/OV-INSA  
Steve D. Lord IPAC  
Rosario Lorente TOS/OV-INSA SIDT/IDC
Dario Lorenzetti LWS  
Nanyao Lu IPAC  
Ángeles Luchena TOS/OV-INSA  
Reinhard Ludewig ISOPHOT Zeiss
Georg Luichtel ISOPHOT Zeiss
Willem Luinge SWS SRON-Groningen
Dieter Lutz SWS MPE
Peter Lützow-Wentzky ISOPHOT PHT Team
Susan Madden ISOCAM CIST
André Maeder OTAC  
Pierre Maigne ESOC-Software TOS-GCI
Paolo Maldari ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OGI
Silvano Manganelli ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/Vitrociset
Francisco Manso ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/INSA
Miguel Ángel Manzanares TOS/OV-INSA  
Francisco Marcelo TOS/OV-INSA  
Kevin Marston ESOC-Software Logica
Horst Martens ESOC-Site ADM-GC
Begoņa Martín TOS/OV-INSA  
Tarsicio Martín TOS/GMV-INSA  
Fernando Martín Parra TOS/OV-INSA  
Diego Martínez Project  
Luis Martínez TOS/OV-INSA  
Juan Gabriel Martínez Arcas TOS/GMV-INSA  
Francisco Martínez-Fadrique ESOC-FD TOS-GF/GMV
Alberto Martos TOS/OV-INSA  
Giuseppe Mastrominico ESOC-Software Logicasiel
Jean Matagne SOC SOST/IDC
Kalevi Mattila ISOPHOT Helsinki
Joe Mazzarella IPAC  
Alastair McDonald ESOC-FD TOS-GF/Logica
Steve McNally ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Hans Jürgen Meier ISOPHOT Zeiss
P. Meijering SOC  
Klaus Meisenheimer ISOPHOT MPIA
Michael Meister ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
Stig Mejnertsen Project  
Fiedhelm Melzner SWS MPE
David Merricks ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/Serco
Bernhard Merz SWS MPE
Leo Metcalfe SOC CIDT
Klaus Meyer ISOPHOT Antec
Peter Mezger ISOPHOT MPIfR
Alberto Micol SOC SOST
Ole Mikkelsen ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
George Miley OTAC  
Nigel Minchin LWS LIST
Kiana Mohseni ESOC-Software Logica
Sergio Molinari IPAC LIDT
Esther Moll TOS/OV-INSA  
Andrea Moneti SOC  
Judith Mood ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-O/Serco
Phillip Moore ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Alan Moorwood IST  
Victoria Morales TOS/OV-INSA  
Allan Morecroft ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Keith Morgan SOC  
Trevor Morley ESOC-FD TOS-GFI
Patrick Morris SWS SIDT
Christian Müller ESOC-Software Logica
Roland Müller ISOPHOT Dornier
Thomas Müller SOC ISOPHOT
Jesús Municio TOS/OV-INSA  
Ramón Muñoz Peiró SOC S/W dev- U
Wim Muysert SWS SRON-Utrecht
Bob Narron IPAC  
Antonella Natta OTAC  
David Naylor LWS LIST
Ture Nesgaard ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
Peter Neumeister ESOC-ComOps TOS-GMC
Stephan Nicklas ISOPHOT PHT Team
Jörg Niekerke SWS MPE
Marco Nijdam SOC S/W dev- U
Brunella Nisini LWS Calibration
Javier Noguero ESOC-Software GMV/Logica
John Nolan SOC  
Lennard Nordh ISOCAM Collaborator
Hans Ulrik Norgaard-Nielsen ISOPHOT DSRI
Alberto Noriega-Crespo IPAC  
Keith Norman LWS  
Howard Nye ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OF
Eduardo Ojero TOS/GMV-INSA  
Haruyuki Okuda IST  
Koryo Okumura ISOCAM CIDT/Collaborator
Alejandro Olazábal TOS/OV-INSA  
Peter Oldeman SOC  
Bert Oldenburger SWS  
Graeme Oldham LWS LIST
Ernesto Oliva OTAC  
Sebastian Oliver ISOPHOT ICSTM
Goran Olofsson ISOCAM Collaborator
Rob Oremus Project  
Renato Orfei LWS  
Alain Ormont LWS  
Luciano Orsini SOC  
Georg Orthuber SWS MPE
Sabine Osterhage SWS MPE
Linna Osterman SOC  
Pedro Osuna TOS/OV-INSA  
Stephan Ott SOC CIDT/Collaborator
Manfred Otterbein ISOPHOT DLR
Uwe Pagel SWS MPE
Siegmar Pallaschke ESOC-FD TOS-GFM
Tim Panton SOC S/W dev- U
Santiago Pascual TOS/OV-INSA  
Reinhold Passenheim ISOPHOT Zeiss
Thomas Passvogel Project  
Tom Patrick LWS  
Soren Paulsen SOC S/W dev- U
Alejandro Pena ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/INSA
Fany Peña TOS/OV  
Daniel Pequignot LWS  
Michel Pérault ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
Diego Pérez SOC  
Miguel Pérez TOS/OV-INSA  
Francisco Pérez TOS/OV-INSA  
Diego Pérez-Olea TOS/OV-INSA  
Christian Peschel ISOPHOT Zeiss
Sibylle Peschke SOC  
Wolfgang Peterhänsel ESOC-FD TOS-GF/EDS
Ton Peters SWS SRON-Utrecht
Carsten Petersen ESOC-FD TOS-GF/Terma
Stefano Pezzuto LWS LIDT
Günther Pfaller SWS MPE
Cees Pieters SWS  
Max Pignede ESOC-Software TOS-GCM
Juan Piñeiro ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/Vitrociset
Pita Leira SOC  
Ger Ploeger SWS SRON-Groningen
Arno Plug SOC  
José Poblet TOS/OV-INSA  
Luis Pociña TOS/OV-INSA  
Elizabeth Poindron ISOCAM Collaborator
Andy Pollock SOC CIDT
Daniel Ponz TOS/GMV  
Jesús Portero TOS/GMV-INSA  
Dominique Pouliquen LWS  
Justo Povedano TOS/OV-INSA  
Mariano Pozas TOS/OV-INSA  
Karl Prantl-Baumann ESOC-Site ADM-GCG
Mark Price LWS LIDT
Klaus Proetel ISOPHOT DLR
Timo Prusti SOC  
Jean-Loup Puget IST  
Pascal Puget ISOCAM Collaborator
Julio Pulido TOS/OV-INSA  
Terry Purkins ISOCAM Collaborator
Carlos Queija TOS/OV-INSA  
Eusebio Quijada TOS/OV-INSA  
Mario Radovich ISOPHOT PIDT
Robert Rae ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
María Ramírez TOS/OV-INSA  
Raquel Ramos TOS/OV-INSA  
Tom Ray OTAC  
Peter Reiss SWS MPE
Tomás Reneses ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/INSA
Lisa Retbøll ESOC-Software Logica
Steen Retbøll ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
José Revuelta TOS/OV-INSA  
Pascal Richard ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/Thomson
Phil Richards ISOPHOT RAL
Gotthard Richter ISOPHOT AIP
Johannes Riedinger SOC  
Rieu N'Guyen-Quang LWS  
Yvon Rio ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
Thérése Robert ISOCAM Collaborator
David Robinson LWS  
Andrew Robson ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OF
Brigitte Rocca-Volmerange OTAC  
Adolfo Rodero Cosano ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/INSA
José Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa ISOPHOT IAC
Peter Roelfsema SWS SIDT
Alan Rogers LWS LIST
Diego Romero ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/INSA
Steph Rosser ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/Serco
Daniel Rouan ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
Helene Roussel ISOCAM Collaborator
Michael Rowan-Robinson OTAC ISOPHOT
André Roy ISOCAM Collaborator
Georges Rudaz ESOC-Software TOS-GSP
Jesús Ruiz TOS/GMV-INSA  
Alison Rushworth ISOPHOT PHT Team
Michael Röser ISOPHOT Antec
Olivier Saint-Pe ISOCAM Collaborator
Michel Saisse LWS LIST
Alberto Salama SOC SIDT/IDC
Jesús Salgado TOS/OV-INSA  
Monica Salomone SOC  
Jacqui Sam-Lone ISOCAM CIST
David Sánchez TOS/OV-INSA  
Miguel Sánchez TOS/OV-INSA  
Sergio Sanjuan ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/INSA
Paolo Saraceno LWS LIST
Lakshmi Sastry LWS  
Yasunori Sato SOC SOST
Marc Sauvage ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
Aymeric Sauvageon ISOCAM CIDT
Richard Saxton SOC  
Harm Schaap Project  
Stephan Schaeidt SWS SIDT
Madelaine Schäfer ESOC-FD TOS-GF
Bernhard Scheiner SWS MPE
Rudolf Schlegelmilch ISOPHOT Zeiss
Michael Schmidt ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC
Herbert Schnopper ISOPHOT DSRI
Pedro Schoch ESOC-Software GMV/Logica
Rosanne Scholey IPAC  
Joseph Schubert ISOPHOT PHT Team
Bernhard Schulz SOC PIDT
Rita Schulz OTAC  
Alain Schütz ESOC-FD TOS-GFS
Heike Schweitzer ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OF
Christel Schäfer SWS MPE
Alex Scohier SOC  
Andrés Scola TOS/OV-INSA  
Günter Seger ISOPHOT Antec
Ramon Segura-Oto ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONN
Karla Seidenschwang SWS MPE
Guy Serra LWS  
Pierre Servan ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/Thomson
Giancarlo Setti OTAC  
Mike Sheldon ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Francois Sibille ISOCAM Collaborator
Roger Sidey LWS  
Sunil Sidher LWS LIDT
Ralf Siebenmorgen SOC CIDT
Nico Sijm SWS SRON-Utrecht
Nancy Silbermann IPAC  
Frances Sirou ISOCAM Collaborator
Sjef Kikken SWS  
Boris Smeds ESOC-Network Operations TOS-OFS
Ursule Smissaert van de Haere SWS SRON-Utrecht
Alan Smith LWS LIST
Alan Smith ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OF
Howard Smith LWS LIST
Raymond Smith ESOC-ComOps TOS-GMC/Serco
Kees Smoorenburg SWS TNO-TU Delft
Martyn Snelling Project  
Axel Sohn ISOPHOT Antec
Anders Sørensen ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
Richard Southworth ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/Vega
Jan Spakman SWS SRON-Groningen
Karlheinz Spindler ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
Luigi Spinoglio LWS  
Henrik Spoon SWS MPE
Phil Spurrett LWS  
Heinrich Späth SWS MPE
Gordon Stacey LWS  
Jean-Luc Starck ISOCAM CIST/Collaborator
Rick Starczewski SOC  
Michael Steinmayer SWS MPE
Johan Steinz Project  
Silke Stenzel ESOC-Site ADM-GC
Craig Stephenson ESOC-FD TOS-GFI/SSL
Julian Sternberg SOC  
Manfred Stickel ISOPHOT PHT Team
Eckhard Sturm SWS MPE
Wilhelm Stöberl SWS MPE
Jakob Stöcker SWS MPE
Eva Suárez TOS/OV-INSA  
Frank Sürth ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Jean-Pierre Swings OTAC  
Bruce Swinyard LWS LIST
Bill Sydenham Project  
Roger Sylvester LWS LIST
Brian Taylor Project  
Andrés Teijo TOS/OV-INSA  
Oscar Tejedor ESOC-Software GMV/Logica
Charles Telesco ISOPHOT Univ. Florida
Francisco Terleira TOS/OV-INSA  
Roberto Terlevich OTAC  
Damien Texier SOC LIDT
Götz Thieme ISOPHOT Dornier
Mark Thomas SOC  
Graham Thomas ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
Mark Thompson ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Clemens Tilgner ISOPHOT PHT Team
Didier Tiphéne ISOCAM Collaborator
Colin Todd SOC  
Laura Tomás Calderón SOC  
Elisabetta Tommasi LWS LIDT
Steve Tonkmor SOC  
Carlos Topham TOS/OV-INSA  
José Torrente TOS/OV-INSA  
Norman Trams SOC LIDT
Ulrike Trautwein ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ON/Tecnodata
Friedrich Trebstein ISOPHOT Zeiss
Philip Tregoning ESOC-ComOps TOS-GMC/SSL
Michael Trunz ISOPHOT Zeiss
Takashi Tsuji IST  
Richard Tuffs ISOPHOT MPIK
Mark Tuttlebee ESOC-Sim TOS-GMS/Anite
David Twynam ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
Victor Tóth ISOPHOT PHT Team
Javier Unzalu ESOC-Software TOS-GCI
Edwin Valentijn SWS SIDT
Juan-Carlos Vallejo ESOC-Software GMV/Logica
Herman van Agthoven SWS TNO-TU Delft
David van Buren IPAC  
Ruud van de Haar SWS SRON-Utrecht
Nicole van der Bliek Calibration  
Karel van der Hucht SWS SRON-Utrecht
Siep van der Lei SWS SRON-Utrecht
Rien van der Linden SWS SRON-Utrecht
Peter van der Plas SOC  
Rob van der Schuur SWS  
Carel van Dijkhuizen SWS SRON-Utrecht
Jan van Geffen SWS SRON-Utrecht
John van Genechten SWS SRON-Utrecht
Frans van Gool SOC S/W dev- U
Duc van Nguyen SWS SRON-Groningen
Gertjan van Oosten SOC S/W dev- U
Jelle van Zeijl SOC S/W dev- U
Bart Vandenbussche SWS SIDT
Pedro Vargas ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/INSA
Peter Vaughan ISOPHOT RAL
Jesús Vázquez ESOC-Flight Operations TOS-OFC/INSA
Stephane Veillat SOC  
Kees Veldkamp SWS SRON-Utrecht
Adolfo Ventero TOS/OV-INSA  
Giulio Ventura ISOCAM Collaborator
Jan Vermeiren ISOPHOT IMEC
Rob Verschoor SOC  
Pierre Viau SOC  
Derek Vickers LWS  
Laurent Vigroux ISOCAM CIDT/Collaborator
Osmi Vilhu OTAC  
Javier Villanueva TOS/OV-INSA  
Huib Visser SWS TNO-TU Delft
Berthold Vogt ISOPHOT Dornier
Heinrich Völk ISOPHOT MPIK
Christoffel Waelkens SWS/OTAC KU-Leuven
Hans Wagenaar SWS SRON-Utrecht
Helen Walker ISOPHOT RAL
Gustav Wallum ESOC-Site ADM-GCT
Ray Walsh SOC  
Mark Walter ESOC-ComOps TOS-GMC/Serco
Martin Ward OTAC  
Rens Waters SWS UvA
Karsten Weber ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Erhard Wedel ISOPHOT Dornier
Ann E. Wehrle IPAC  
Martin Wells ISOPHOT ROE
Johan Wensink SWS SRON-Groningen
Paul Wesselius SWS SRON-Groningen
Bengt Westerlund OTAC  
Inge van de Wetering Project  
Glenn White LWS  
Peter White ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONF/Thorn
Ekkehard Wieprecht SWS SIDT
Erich Wiezorrek SWS MPE
Jan Wijnbergen SWS SRON-Groningen
Klaas Wildeman SWS SRON-Groningen
Hans Willaczek ISOPHOT Zeiss
G. William SOC  
Iwan Williams OTAC  
Peter Williams ESOC-FD (ex FDD)
Rupert Williams ESOC-ComOps TOS-GMC/Serco
Derek Wilson Project  
Gary Wilson ESOC-Sim TOS-GMS/Anite
Tom Wilson OTAC  
Yvonne Windsor LWS  
Henny Witjes Studio Blanche  
Günter Wittig ESOC-Network Operations TOS-ONN
Jürgen Wolf ISOPHOT PHT Team
Lo Woltjer OTAC  
Andy Woodcock SOC  
Santiago Ximénez de Ferrán Project  
Erick Young SWS Steward Obs.
Ignacio Yurrita TOS/OV-INSA  
Carlos Yuste TOS/OV-INSA  
Rafael Zarza ESOC-Software GMV/Logica
Rob Zondag SOC  
Frans Zwart SWS SRON-Utrecht

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