ISO INFO Newsletters: No. 6 - February 1995

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OTAC membership

Overall Chairman: L. Woltjer

Solar System Panel:
Chairman: U. Keller
Members: C. de Bergh, A. Coradini, I.P. Williams.

Stellar Panel:
Chairman: B. Gustafsson
Members: I. Appenzeller, F. D'Antona, D. Lambert, A. Maeder.

Circumstellar Panel:
Chairman: M. Barlow
Members: V. Bujarrabal, J. Danziger, S. Deguchi, E. Oliva, C. Waelkens.

ISM Panel:
Chairman: J. Lequeux
Members: J. Cernicharo, A. Natta, T. Ray, T. Wilson.

Extragalactic (Active Galaxies and Quasars) Panel:
Chairman: G. Miley
Members: C. Boisson, P. Biermann, L. Danese, J.P. Swings, M. Ward.

Extragalactic (Normal and Starburst) Panel:
Chairman: R. Genzel
Members: J. Condon, F. Combes, R. Terlevich, B. Westerlund.

Cosmology Panel:
Chairman: G. Setti
Members: X. Barcons, B. Rocca-Volmerange, M. Rowan-Robinson.

Kieron Leech - ISO Resident Astronomer
Thu Mar 16 12:38:37 MET 1995