ISO INFO Newsletters: No. 6 - February 1995

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Welcome to the sixth issue of ISO INFO, the first in the intended year of the launch of ISO ! This newsletter is published at irregular intervals to keep the astronomical community informed of the progress of the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO), the next astronomical mission of the European Space Agency (ESA). The last issue of ISO INFO was published just after we released the Call for ISO Observing Proposals. We received 1000 responses to this call, all of which have been reviewed by OTAC, the Observing Time Allocation Committee, and results transmitted back to proposers. All those who were successful in their applications will be invited to ESTEC (or IPAC for American proposers) to enter their proposals. A complete list of successful proposers and information on the Proposal Data Entry Centre, PDEC, can be found in this issue.

ISO remains scheduled for a 19 September launch from Kourou, French Guyana, atop an Ariane 44P. The ISO Flight Model has undergone a series of environmental tests and is now being used for end-to-end tests of the complete system, including the Ground Segment prior to being shipped out to Kourou. More hardware information can be found in this issue.

Important dates for 1995 include:

February: Start of Open Time Phase 2 data entry

Mid July: End of Phase 2 data entry

19 September: Launch of ISO

Early December: End of Performance Verification phase and start of routine operations

Kieron Leech - ISO Resident Astronomer
Thu Mar 16 12:38:37 MET 1995