ISO INFO Newsletters: No. 6 - February 1995

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World Wide Web and Electronic Access

We are in the process of a major upgrade to our WWW server. The server on which our current test homepage (``'') runs will be replaced by a faster machine and we will totally modify the pages and links. When its development has finished it will have a different URL from the test page. The test page will remain for some time but will only point to the new homepage. When the new server is operational it will be the ONLY official WWW repository for all ESA information concerning ISO.

Other useful electronic addresses for ISO material include:

ESTEC has an anonymous ftp server with the address `'. ISO information is held in pub/iso and its subdirectories.

Villafranca has a homepage which can be accessed at

The French ISO centre has a WWW with the HomePage ``''.

SWS has a general SRON homepage, containing ISO information, at

The ISOPHOT Data Center at MPIA Heidelberg has a homepage at

IPAC has a HomePage with links to ISO material at URL ``''., their anonymous FTP server, mirrors in the directory /pub/iso the holdings of /pub/iso on the ESTEC server.

Kieron Leech - ISO Resident Astronomer
Thu Mar 16 12:38:37 MET 1995