Accessing the Archive using the appletviewer

This README explains how to run the ISO IDA applet
using your machine java runtime environment.

Once you have downloaded the file IDA.jar, store it
somewhere on your disk, then to run the applet 
you can either do:

1) If you have java 2 installed:

java -jar installation_directory/IDA.jar

where installation_directory is the directory where you have
put the IDA.jar file.

You may also "double click" on the IDA.jar if you have java 2 installed


If you have java 1.1 you have to do something like:

setenv JAVA_HOME /usr/java  (or wherever your jdk is installed)

java -classpath installation_directory/IDA.jar IDA

If you are using a http proxy and you are getting an error like
"" when executing the previous
commands run IDA like:

java -Dhttp.proxyHost=xxx -Dhttp.proxyPort=yyy -classpath installation_directory/IDA.jar IDA

where xxx is the name of your http proxy host and yyy is its port number.