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ISOCAM picture of M16, the Eagle nebula
ISOCAM picture of M16, the Eagle nebula
Credit: ESA/ISO, CAM & The ISOGAL Team
[High-Resolution image: TIFF]


This ISO picture of M16, the Eagle nebula, has been produced by combining images that were originally obtained as part of the ISOGAL program. The images were retrieved from the ISO Archive at the ISO Data Centre in Villafranca, Spain, and reprocessed with the most recent calibration files. The color image was constructed from a 7.7 micron infrared exposure (shown as blue), and a 14.5 micron infrared exposure (shown as red).

Further analysis of these data is being carried out by Andrea Moneti (Institute d'Astrophysique de Paris, IAP) in collaboration with other members of ISOGAL. The original observations by Pilbratt et al. were reported on in the scientific journal Astronomy and Astrophysics 333, L9-L12, (1998): "ISOCAM images of the `elephant trunks' in M16".