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The FIRBACK (Far Infrared BACKground) survey is one of the deepest imaging surveys carried out at 170 microns with ISOPHOT onboard ISO, and is aimed at the study of the structure of the Cosmic Far Infrared Background.

More information and high resolution images at:

-For the IRAS image: "IRAS sky survey Atlas, Wheelock et al 1994"
-For the FIRBACK images:"ESA/ISO/ISOPHOT, H. Dole & IAS Orsay, The FIRBACK consortium, Puget J.L. et al, 1999 - Lagache G. & Dole H., 2001 and Dole H. et al, 2001"

These observations were discussed in details in the article accepted for publication in A&A (2001): "FIRBACK: III. Catalog, Source counts, and cosmological implications of the 170 micron ISO Deep survey".