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Continuum subtracted LWS grating spectrum of IRC +10216 from 75 to 197 microns (thick line). An offset has been introduced to the continuum to show simultaneously the computed emission of the CO v = 0,1, 13CO v = 0, HCN and H13CN v = 0, and HCN v2 = 1, 2 v1,3 = 1 (thin line). See text for the adopted model parameters. the rotational transitions of CO, HCN, and HCN v2 = 1, 2 and v1,3 = 1 are indicated by arrows at the top and bottom of each panel. The weak lines in the model correspond to H13CN, 13CO and to the stretching modes of HCN. (image x2)

This image was taken from the ISO dedicated Astronomy and Astrophysics Letter;

"The ISO/LWS far infrared spectrum of IRC+10216", J. Cernicharo et al.

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