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First results from the ISOCAM parallel mode

R. Siebenmorgen A. Abergel B. Altieri A. Biviano J.A.D.L. Blommaert O. Boulade C. Cesarsky P. Gallais S. Guest M.F. Kessler L. Metcalfe K. Okumura S. Ott M. Perault A.M.T. Pollock T. Prusti A. Sauvageon J.L. Starck


We present first results of a survey being made in a broad-band 6.75 micron filter using the ISOCAM infrared camera in its parallel mode at ~6" resolution. So far we have analysed a sky area of ~1.375 deg 2 down to a limiting flux of 5 mJy and detected a total of 287 objects. The final survey will cover a sky area of ~33 deg2, most of which will be done in staring mode, to which we have restricted ourselves in the present paper. The final catalogue should reach a typical sensitivity limit of ~1 mJy. We estimate that at the detection limit 99% of the objects will have a galactic origin.

Surveys - Galaxy: Structure - Infrared: stars

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