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First data from the ISOPHOT FIR Serendipity Survey

S. Bogun - D. Lemke - U. Klaas - U. Herbstmeier - R. Assendorp - G. Richter - R. Laureijs - M. F. Kessler - M. Burgdorf - B. Schulz - G. Pelz - C. A. Beichman - M. Rowan-Robinson


The ISOPHOT Serendipity Survey fills the otherwise unused slew time between ISO's fine pointings with measurements in an unexplored wavelength regime near 200mum. First results of the Serendipity Survey demonstrate its capabilities in the detection of extragalactic point sources as well as in investigations of the galactic infrared cirrus. With the detection limit for point sources of ~ 1 Jy more than 3000 galaxies will be observed.

Surveys - Infrared: galaxies - Infrared: ISM: continuum

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