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Extended fine structure and continuum emission from S140/L1204

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Grating spectra, covering the wavelength range 45 to tex2html_wrap_inline279 m have been taken with the ISO Long Wavelength Spectrometer (LWS) at a series of pointing positions over the S140 region, centred on the cluster of embedded young stellar objects at the south-west corner of the L1204 molecular cloud. Extended emission from [CII] tex2html_wrap_inline281 m and [OI] tex2html_wrap_inline283 m is seen, peaking near the position of the embedded stars. The measurements of the fine structure lines are interpreted in terms of PDR models for the emission, as well as the underlying thermal continuum for the heated gas and dust.

ISM: S140 - HII regions - ISM: clouds - Infrared: interstellar: lines - Infrared: interstellar: continuum

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